Darkmoon Island Location:how to get to Darkmoon Island

The Darkmoon Faire is in town one week out of every month with heirlooms, spooky toys, battle pets, and transmog gear to acquire!

Highlights include:
  • Replica vanilla WoW dungeon armor for transmogrification.
  • Mounts, pets, and toys to purchase for your collections.
  • Quests for mini-games as well as professions.
  • A carousel that grants experience and reputation gains when you ride it!
  • Vendors that sell heirlooms and heirloom upgrades.
  • A minigame that rewards fiery wings.
  • World bosses that drop battle pets!

Patch 6.1 Updates

  • New racing games with vanity items, achievements, and toy rewards!
  • Special
  • New heirloom costs as well as lvl 90 heirloom upgrades.
  • Special achievements and rewards for completing old games in challenging ways.
  • Six new toys, four new vanity items, and one new battle pet.
  • Capital Darkmoon Faire
    Ruler Silas Darkmoon
    Location Great Sea

    Darkmoon Island is a new island dedicated to the Darkmoon Faire as of Patch 4.3. The new Darkmoon Faire on the island is a sanctuary, as well as the path that leads down to it from the portal, but areas around the Faire are considered contested territory.


    The island is essentially a large mountain that sits somewhere within the Great Sea, with the entry portal at the very top. Trees at the top are more densely grouped than those closer to the shore and lend an initial, eerie quality to the zone. Bright signs mark the path down from the heights to the grassy inland, where the Faire tents are sprawled across a large area. Venturing outside the Faire, the curious encounter few denizens; the trees are widely spaced within the woods, and rocks dot the shoreline. In the distance all around the island can be seen jagged rocks of varying sizes, and more than a few shipwrecks can be found within the deeps. A small, abandoned cave can be found to the southeast. There is also an empty cave underwater below a large shipwreck north of the island.


    Getting there

    Both factions can reach the island from portals at the old Faire locations in Elwynn Forest (just outside Goldshire) andMulgore (just outside Thunder Bluff). The portals are only available when the Faire is active, however.


    Once on the island, there are portals located at the end of the docks, south of the Darkmoon Faire, that lead back to


    Aside from the Carnies themselves, there are some wild creatures on Darkmoon Island. Darkmoon Tide Crawlers can be found along the shores, and Darkmoon Wolves further inland. Both of these creatures are neutral. There are also two types of wolves which appear in the woods before Moonfang <The Den Mother> spawns. Moonfang Snarlers appear first. When a snarler is killed, the player(s) who killed it may see an emote which mentions howling in the distance. Once enough snarlers have been killed, stronger Moonfang Dreadhowls will appear in the woods and a zone-wide emote displays the text "Beware: Moonfang Dreadhowls roam the woods!". Once all Dreadhowls have been killed, Moonfang herself appears.

    There are also a handful of ghosts that wander the island, should any player find themselves dead and want to explore while in spirit form. When players are not dead, they can spot a telltale sign of the spirits' presence: a ghostly, shimmering trail.