Deeprun Tram Incident

A documentary where a person playing a dwarf stumbled upon a pair of elves cybering in the tram. Has spawned an influx of leetdewds and given the server some infamy. Symbolic reference to [Dwarven Hand Cannon]s, tree disguises, and making crow noises all stem from this incident.

The Deeprun Tram is an underground (and partially underwater) rail system built by Gnomes that connects Stormwind to Ironforge. Any faction can ride it, but it's much easier for Alliance players to get to it. The transit time is 60 seconds, with 12 second stops at each city.

Location Between Ironforge andStormwind City

The Deeprun Tram is a long, fully enclosed, underground (and partially underwater) set of double tracks upon which rolls two sets of three wagons, all credited to the gnomes' technical engineering. The service is fast and smooth, and is provided free of charge to travelers between the Alliance-aligned cities ofIronforge and Stormwind City. There is also a quest here that starts on theIronforge side and ends on the Stormwind side that involves catching rats.