Eye Of The Storm Rewards Wow

Eye of the Storm is a 15v15 battleground added in TBC--it is meant to hover above Netherstorm. It is a mix of Arathi Basin and Warsong Gulch. Players try to hold as many towers as possible (4 total) and gain resources faster when they have more. In addition, a flag spawns in the center which players can bring to a friendly tower for more points--again, affected by how many towers that team controls.

EotS is won when one faction collects 1600 points. A conservative strategy is to hold two towers and dominate flag captures. The fastest way to win is to zerg all four towers at the beginning and gain many resources at once.

There are no factions associated with this battleground.

Honor reward system

Eye of the Storm items are available by spending honor accumulated.

There are no factions associated with the two sides so there is no reputation to be gained.

Item ()
Honor Points
[Major Combat Healing Potion] 2 Consumable
[Major Combat Mana Potion] 2 Consumable
[Talisman of the Alliance] 10 22950 Trinket
[Talisman of the Horde] 10 22950 Trinket
[Vindicator's Chain Sabatons] 40 17850 Feet (Mail)
[Vindicator's Dragonhide Boots] 40 17850 Feet (Leather)
[Vindicator's Dreadweave Stalkers] 40 17850 Feet (Cloth)
[Vindicator's Kodohide Boots] 40 17850 Feet (Leather)
[Vindicator's Lamellar Greaves] 40 17850 Feet (Plate)
[Vindicator's Leather Boots] 40 17850 Feet (Leather)
[Vindicator's Linked Sabatons] 40 17850 Feet (Mail)
[Vindicator's Mail Sabatons] 40 17850 Feet (Mail)
[Vindicator's Mooncloth Slippers] 40 17850 Feet (Cloth)
[Vindicator's Ornamented Greaves] 40 17850 Feet (Plate)
[Vindicator's Pendant of Conquest] 10 15300 Neck
[Vindicator's Pendant of Dominance] 10 15300 Neck
[Vindicator's Pendant of Salvation] 10 15300 Neck
[Vindicator's Pendant of Triumph] 10 15300 Neck
[Vindicator's Plate Greaves] 40 17850 Feet (Plate)
[Vindicator's Ringmail Sabatons] 40 17850 Feet (Mail)
[Vindicator's Scaled Greaves] 40 17850 Feet (Plate)
[Vindicator's Silk Footguards] 40 17850 Feet (Cloth)
[Vindicator's Wyrmhide Boots] 40 17850 Feet (Leather)


Description Reward
[Bloodthirsty Berserker] Get a killing blow while under the berserker buff in Eye of the Storm. 10
[Bound for Glory] In a single Eye of the Storm match, capture the flag 3 times without dying. 10
[Eye of the Storm Domination] Win Eye of the Storm 10 times while holding 4 bases. 10
[Eye of the Storm Veteran] Complete 100 victories in Eye of the Storm. 10
[Eye of the Storm Victory] Win Eye of the Storm. 10
[Flurry] Win Eye of the Storm in under 6 minutes. 10
[Storm Capper] Personally carry and capture the flag in Eye of the Storm. 10
[Storm Glory] While your team holds 4 of the bases in Eye of the Storm, personally grab the flag andcapture it. 10
[Stormtrooper] Kill 5 flag carriers in a single Eye of the Storm battle. 10
[Stormy Assassin] In a single Eye of the Storm battle, get 5 honorable kills at each of the bases. 10
[Take a Chill Pill] In Eye of the Storm, kill a player who is under the effects of the Berserker power-up. 10
[The Perfect Storm] Win Eye of the Storm with a score of 1,600 to 0. 10
Meta achievement
Title Description Reward
[Master of Eye of the Storm] Complete the Eye of the Storm achievements listed below:

Eye of the Storm Veteran
Eye of the Storm Domination
Bound for Glory

The Perfect Storm
Storm Capper
Bloodthirsty Berserker