Fel Lord Zakuun Heroic Difficulty

In the Heroic version of this fight, tanks will emit eight Wake of Destruction projectiles from their current position when they return from the Shadow Realm.
  • Tanks must be aware of the position of the Fel Crystals, and be sure to exit the Shadow Realm far away from the Crystals
  • It is possible to collide with your own Wake of Destruction waves if you are moving as they spawn, so for the few seconds before and after Disembodied fades, the tank should stand still
  • Players must be prepared to intercept the tank's Wake of Destruction waves to prevent them from striking the Fel Crystals
  • The raid - but particularly players with Latent Energy - should try to move away from the tank's return location so no one player is close enough to be struck by multiple Wake of Destruction waves
Additionally, the Latent Energy debuff lasts 1:30 on Heroic, rather than the 30 seconds it lasts on Normal. Players will have to spread out the soaking duties for Rumbling Fissure.