Fel Lord Zakuun Loot and Rewards

This loot overview helps you plan out your Seal of Inevitable Fate Bonus Rolls. Check out our Fel Lord Zakuun database page to filter loot by difficulty as well as by loot specialization.
LFR (675)
  • Cloth: Bindings of Imminent Fury
  • Leather: Brittleskin Wraps, Manacles of the Demon General
  • Mail: Imp-Infested Legplates, Withering Waistwrap
  • Plate: Befouled Demonhide Belt, Gaze of Superiority
  • Neck: Chain of Agonizing Woe, Voidswirling Throat-Globe
  • Cape: Bloodcrystal Chaincloak
  • Ring: Zakuun's Smoldering Seal
  • Trinket: none
  • Weapons: Ironblade Knuckles
Normal, Heroic, Mythic (700, 715, 730)
  • Cloth: Bloody Dagger-Heeled Pumps, Sash of Unending Anguish
  • Leather: Leggings of Eternal Terror, Manacles of the Multitudes
  • Mail: Girdle of the Legion General, Ringmail of Madness Accordant
  • Plate: Legguards of Grievous Consonances
  • Neck: Chain of Lidless Eyes, Choker of Whispered Promises
  • Cape: Cloak of Hideous Unity
  • Ring: Zakuun's Signet of Command
  • Trinket: Discordant Chorus
  • Weapons: Hellrender, Demonblade Eviscerator
Tome of Chaos for the legendary questline can be obtained while on We Don't Need No Library Card.

Each Hellfire Citadel boss has a unique achievement that counts towards Glory of the Hellfire Raider. This rewards Infernal Direwolf. Fel Lord Zakuun's special achievement is This Land Was Green and Good Until....