Gorefiend Heroic Difficulty

Heroic difficulty introduces an additional mechanic: Approximately every 30 seconds, Gorefiend will affect three players with Shared Fate.
  • Shared Fate links the three players to each other and will root the central player in place
  • The rooted player is marked with an arrow over their head
  • The two players who can still move must run to the marked player to free themselves from the chains
  • Shared Fate deals moderate DoT damage; players may wish to use a cooldown to survive, especially if there are many adds active
  • If Shared Fate is not cleared within 10 seconds, the linked targets will take very heavy damage
Players must react quickly to the Shared Fate mechanic and run to the "anchor" player to clear the debuff. The chains will break when all debuffed players are within 6 yards of the anchor player.

Additionally, if a Gorebound Construct reaches its Hunger for Life target, the Construct will detonate, dealing fatal damage not just to its target but to all players within 8 yards.