Hellfire Assault Heroic Difficulty

On Heroic difficulty, the second and third Felfire Crushers are replaced by Felfire Demolishers. An updated Siege Weapon schedule can be found in the table to the right.

  • Demolishers target Siege Nova at a random distant player, creating a large red targeting reticule
  • Shortly thereafter, the Demolisher fires mortars that land in a teardrop-shaped pattern, stretching from the Demolisher to the reticule
  • Players within 3 yards of these mortars will take moderate to heavy Fire damage
  • Several seconds later, the Demolisher then fires another, larger mortar at the center of the targeting reticule
  • This mortar will damage all players within 100 yards, but players can reduce the amount of damage they take by moving far away from the mortar's impact point
  • Damage-reduction CDs or minor healing CDs may be useful in healing the raid back up after this damage

Note that Siege Nova does not deal damage to the Hellfire Cannons - only to the raid. These Siege Weapons can thus be deprioritized if other, more important targets are active at the time, such as a Gorefiend Terror.

Additionally, the Contracted Engineers gain a new ability, Repair, that will channel a healing beam on a nearby injured Siege Weapon. Players must interrupt the channel to ensure they can kill the Siege Weapons quickly and minimize damage to the Hellfire Cannons.

Finally, 28 shots - or 7 boxes of Felfire Munitions - are required to break down the Reinforced Hellfire Door on Heroic difficulty.