How To Get Ready For Legion

World of Warcraft: Legion is just over two months away. That¡¯s not a terribly long amount of time to wait, especially when Blizzard want to give you a preview of what¡¯s to come with a pre-patch sometime in the next few weeks. A pre-patch brimming with new toys such as class changes, the Wardrobe system and the impending Demonic Invasion event.

Here's everything we know about the WoW Legion expansion.

But the pre-patch isn¡¯t just the signal of new content, but that of old content leaving the game forever. This guide will both get you as prepared as possible for the new expansion, as well as getting your hands on some precious loot before it becomes unobtainable with the new patch.

The following is a list of things that we recommend undertaking now, and our tips on how to go about them. You may not get a second chance¡­

Obtain Heirloom trinkets

WoW legion heirloom

Patch 6.2.3 introduced Mythic dungeons to Warlords of Draenor, and along with it a chance to equip yourself with some anti-demon trinkets to help you battle the Legion invasion. There are five in total:

  • Gronntooth War Horn (Strength Melee DPS)
  • Infallible Tracking Charm (Agility Melee/Ranged DPS)
  • Orb of Voidsight (Intellect Ranged DPS)
  • Judgement of the Naaru (Healers)
  • Purified Shard of the Third Moon (Tanks)

These ¡°Demonbane¡± trinkets are not only extra effective at combating demons, but they will also increase in power on your way to level 110. Even at max level ¡ª where they stop at item level 815 ¡ª they¡¯ll still be your go-to until you can replace them with something better in a Heroic Legion dungeon.

To obtain any of these, all you need to do is kill any boss in a Mythic dungeon - every time you do, you will have a chance to get your hands on a random Demonbane drop; don¡¯t worry, there¡¯s no chance to get a duplicate. Mythic dungeons are tied to a character based weekly lockout, so you should do it on as many alts as possible to maximise your chances.

Obtain the Grove Warden mount

WoW legion mount

Isn¡¯t this the most magically majestic moose you¡¯ve ever seen The Grove Warden mount has been highly sought after ever since it was first datamined from patch 6.2.3. But to the dismay of many, the requirements in order to obtain the mount were steep: defeat Archimonde in the Hellfire Citadel raid on Heroic difficulty, and do it before Legion launches. Unless you¡¯re well geared yourself and know a bunch of likewise friends, this can seem like an impossible task.

Hope is not lost however. What started as a Twitter hash tag, the Friendship Moose community initiative aims to get as many players the Grove Warden as possible. Often headed by prolific Twitch streamers, groups of overgeared players carry those in need, usually performing multiple runs a night.

Complete every Challenge Mode dungeon

WoW legion challenge mode

Like the look of any of the fancy weapons above Challenge Mode dungeons are tough eggs to crack if you want all the delicious rewards they can offer, which will become unobtainable once patch 7.0 is released. These dungeons scale you and your items down to item level 630, including disabling things such as set bonuses, and the legendary ring on-use effect. They¡¯re hard to conquer: you¡¯ll need a group of friends, and communication is paramount.

Getting them all done at bronze will bag you the ¡®Indomitable¡¯ title, at silver a Challenger¡¯s War Yeti mount, and at gold the array of exclusive weapon transmogs, which will become account-wide unlocks in Legion.

Complete your Legendary Ring questline

WoW legion legendary ring

The Legendary Ring is (naturally) an extremely powerful item; it¡¯s enabled some raid guilds to blow up Mythic raid bosses in less than 15 seconds. When patch 7.0 hits in a few weeks, players will be unable to begin their legendary questline to obtain their own ring, but those who have started it will be able to continue. When Legion launches on August 30th, the quest will expire no matter what stage you¡¯re on, effectively barring you from obtaining the ring for good.

What does this mean Well, if you¡¯re yet to start the questline, you need to do so now. Likewise, you also need to finish it as fast as possible, which on average takes around 6-7 weeks - cutting it very close to launch.

It should be mentioned however that the ring ¡ª while useful in giving you an initial boost in leveling ¡ª will be quickly replaced once you hit level 110, especially since the powerful ability is nerfed once you hit that all important max level; essentially turning it into a flashy stat stick.

Get your professions ready

Wow Legion professions

Professions are getting a major overhaul in Legion. The equipped crafted item limit has been abolished, meaning dedicated crafters can dive headlong into making as much gear as they want. There are also countless quests associated around professions, which will have you travelling all over the Broken Isle in order to complete.

While you can gather and craft Legion specific nodes and recipes from any skill level, you¡¯ll want to get your gathering and crafting professions to at least 100, so you can unlock their respective World Quests once you hit level 110. These quests will offer you some of the rarest crafting materials in the game giving you a distinct advantage.

It¡¯s also recommended that you pick up both a gathering and a crafting profession. While going double crafting is viable in Legion, you¡¯ll find yourself more often starved of the rare and untradable Blood of Sargeras material than if you had a gathering profession to back you up.

Amass gold for when Legion hits

WoW legion gold

Everyone¡¯s dreamt of having an endless amount of gold to spend within their favourite MMO. It can be a difficult thing to do well, often requiring a lot of time, dedication, and a sprinkle of luck. But the benefits of having a thick wallet come Legion are many: the biggest is being able to get a headstart on high item level gear very soon after launch.

Currently in the Legion Beta, there¡¯s an ¡°Empowered Ring of the Kirin Tor¡± on sale at the jewelry vendor for the low, low price of 250,000 gold. What¡¯s so special about this ring you might ask Well for a start, it¡¯s item level is equivalent of raid gear - somewhere between Normal and Heroic difficulty. Even better is that you can wear this ring from level 101, giving you a stupidly huge boost to your stats at the very beginning of the expansion. As for the icing on the cake, it also gives you another way to teleport to Dalaran every 30 minutes - something you¡¯ll be doing often seeing as it¡¯s the main city hub.

WoW legion ring

It¡¯s a lot of money for your average player, but there are activities you can be doing today in order to reach the amount necessary to purchase such a powerful ring:

Farm Heroic 25man Cataclysm raids

Even with the most average gear from Warlords of Draenor, completing these old raids is a doddle. Each boss will net you 125 gold, as well as plenty of items to vendor off for even more. Doing all the raids will put between 8000-10,000 gold in your pockets per character on a weekly lockout; having plenty of alts can really accelerate this method.

Killing Kazzak every week for Felblight

Just like the raids, the world boss of Tanaan Jungle, Supreme Lord Kazzak, is another weekly source of gold. Defeating him will award you with a random amount (6-15) of Felblight - a precious and rare crafting material which can sell for a nice chunk of gold on the auction house.

Selling pets and transmogs

Have you taken a look inside your pet tab and/or bank You could have pets and transmog items that are worth quite a bit of dosh. Of course, it depends on how well you¡¯re willing to part with them, but some are worth upwards of 30,000 gold. Look out for interesting and cool looking items coming out of your Salvage Crates from your Garrison as well, as some of them are extremely rare.

Collect your favorite transmog items

WoW legion transmog

Legion is bringing with it a long awaited feature: the Wardrobe. This will house every unique item appearance you¡¯ve collected, allowing you to free up vast amounts of bank and bag space of the pesky things. Blizzard have also said that the Wardrobe will be populated with quest rewards that you¡¯ve done in the past, including items you didn¡¯t pick up from quests that offered multiple rewards.

Now is a great time to make sure that you can add your favourite pieces to the new system come patch 7.0. Again, the Salvage Crates from your Garrison can be a great source of unique and rare transmogs; if you have hundreds of these saved up, do remember that the follower armaments you get out of them will be vastly reduced in value come patch 7.0 - selling for only a few of copper. Also, you¡¯ll need to manually equip any ¡®bind on equip¡¯ items from these crates to add them to your wardrobe, so you could be spending hours of your time if you have tons of them saved up.

Until patch 7.0 is released, we recommend installing a handy transmog addon calledMogIt, which lets you browse just about every item in the game, as well as letting you create, preview and save custom transmog sets.

That¡¯s what we¡¯ve come up with, but do you have any lovely Legion tips to help your fellow WoW travellers Drop them in the comments below!