How To Get To Dreamgrove

The Dreamgrove is the druid Class Hall in World of Warcraft: Legion, located in the Northwest borders of Val'sharah. Druid players can use the Dreamgrove to access the Emerald Dreamway, a section of the Emerald Dream containing portals to several natural locations across Azeroth, such as the Grizzly Hillsand Twilight Grove.

Tome of the Ancients

A large book located north of the Circle of Spirits. This tome starts blank, but will grow to hold the lore, history and powers of the druid artifacts as the player funnels order hall resources into it. Every two work orders provides a new page in the tome.

Getting there

Only druids have access to the Dream Grove, accessed after they help Remulos clear the Emerald Dreamway of the taint of the Emerald Nightmare. Once their Order Hall has been established, druids can either teleport to the Dream Grove using Dreamwalk or take the Dreamway. Alternatively, a path along the coast of the Val'sharah coastline runs from the temple of Elune all the way to the Dreamgrove

Areas of interest

  • The command board is found in the northeast part of the grove. Nearby is the flight master (NYI) and a as-yet nonfunctional mailbox.
  • The Circle of Spirits is where druids get their first quests and also the quest for the artifact weapon. Up the hill beyond this area is where they augment their weapon via a tree. The tree grows briefly and wraps around the weapon durinbg augmentation, but then loses its leaves and shrinks back to normal when complete.
  • There are a collection of elven buildings that seem to indicate it may possible be a location for vendors.
  • The Tel'Andu Barrow Den entry rests next to the river. Plenty of sleeping druids can be found as well as an NPC that, judging by his text, will serve as a repairer.
  • The portal to the Dreamway is just to the east of the Barrow Dens behind a small lake.