How To Get To Netherlight Temple

Netherlight Temple is a draenei temple that holds Saraka the Lighteater for research into the Void. After they were able to bring Saraka to its original state, it became the order hall for priests.

Netherlight Temple Location:According to wowpedia Netherlight Temple is apparently located on a planet called Niskara which is under control by the legion.


Hall of Balance
Quest givers
Undead Male Alonsus Faol
Human Female Calia Menethil
Troll Female Juvess the Duskwhisperer¦Ø <Keeper of Scrolls>

Gnome Female Meridelle Lightspark¦Ø <Logistics>

Horde 15 IconSmall Undead Female Dark Cleric Cecille <Priest Trainer>

NightElf Female Delas Moonfang
Draenei Female High Priestess Ishanah
Velen Prophet Velen
Sanctuary of the Light Edit
Quest givers
Naaru Saa'ra¦Ø