How To Get To Ruins Of Gilneas

Ruins of Gilneas is the name for the Gilneas zone after the events of the worgen starting experience. Horde players are sent here during Silverpine Forest storyline quests.


Gilneas City




Hereditary monarchy


Genn Greymane(former)

Major settlements

Forsaken Forward Command(later destroyed)
Emberstone Village (later abandoned by both sides.)


Alliance (mainland), Contested(Coast)


South of Silverpine Forest


Gilneas is a peninsula, located on the continent of Lordaeron. It lies south of Silverpine Forest.

Maps and subregions

Ruins of Gilneas map
The Blackwald ¡¤ Dreadwatch Outpost ¡¤ Emberstone Mine ¡¤ Emberstone Village ¡¤ Forsaken Forward Command ¡¤ Gilneas City (Light's Dawn Cathedral ¡¤ Stoneward Prison) ¡¤ Greymane Manor ¡¤ The Greymane Wall ¡¤ Hayward Fishery ¡¤ Northern Headlands ¡¤ Rutsak's Guard ¡¤ Stormglen Village ¡¤ Tempest's Reach ¡¤ X-2 Pincer

Adjacent regions

Zone Name Faction Level Range Direction Access
Silverpine Forest 10-20 North By foot, or by flying methods.
Hillsbrad Foothills 20-25 Northeast By swimming or flying to the Purgation Isle.

Ruins of Gilneas is the zone players view when they fly over Gilneas on the map. It is a different zone from the Gilneas that Worgen players begin questing in. The Ruins shows the final outcome of that questing zone: the city and surrounding towns abandoned, while the Forsaken skirmish in the north. There are no flight paths or functional towns in this zone.

Quick Facts
  • Level: 14 - 20
  • Territory: Alliance
  • Instance type: Zone
  • Continent: Eastern Kingdoms