How To Get To Shattrath City

Shattrath City is the old capital city of the draenei, located in the northwestern part of Talador. The Iron Horde under Blackhand seized the city and used it as a staging ground, though were driven out by the draenei, the Frostwolf clan, and heroes from Azeroth. Later, the treacherous Socrethar of the Sargerei took control of the city with the aid of Burning Legion agents.

The Auchenai led by Exarch Maladaar, aided by the Sunsworn led by Lady Liadrin, seek to retake the city and place it back under the draenei's rule.

There are several ways to get there. You can take the portal to Shattrath from the Shrine towns or take a portal to the Blasted Lands from any town that isn't Stormwind or Orgrimmar (these instantly place you in Hellfire Peninsula instead of taking you to the new Blasted Lands). In addition, you can go back in time to the old Blasted Lands by visiting Zidormi at the path leading into Blasted Lands from Swamp of Sorrows and going through the portal the old-fashioned way.

Areas of Interest:

  • Terrace of Light: Sha'tar faction, Justice Point vendors, Isle of Quel'Danas portal, class trainers.
  • Banks: by Aldor and Scyrers
  • Scryer's Tier: elevated area, featuring the Seer's Library and Inn
  • Aldor Rise: elevated area, featuring Shrine of Unending Light and Inn
  • Lower City: World's End Tavern, profession trainers, battlemasters