Iron Reaver Air Operations

Approximately two minutes and fifteen seconds into the fight, Iron Reaver will reach Full Charge - 100 Energy - and begin the Air Operations phase. During this time, Iron Reaver cannot be attacked, although DoTs placed before she takes off will still deal damage. This phase will last one minute.
Fuel StreakIron Reaver will use three abilities during this phase, and each one will be used three times:
Artillery will target three players - DPS or healers, but not tanks - afflicting them with the same Artillery debuff and mechanic as the tanks deal with in the Grounded Phase
As Iron Reaver flies overhead, she leaves a Fuel Streak on the ground, which she will then ignite in a Flash Fire
Iron Reaver will cast Firebomb, firing three volleys of Volatile Firebombs in random locations around the encounter area
The three players targeted by Artillery must run to far edges of the room to detonate, aiming to get more than 40 yards from other players.
All players should avoid Fuel Streak patches and be sure to be out of the strip of fuel when Flash Fire occurs. There will be gaps in the line for players to pass through if needed, and at the end of the phase, the Flash Fires disappear.
Each cast of Firebomb creates five Volatile Firebombs, which players must kill before the fuse timer expires.
Volatile Firebombs have a 25-second fuse
If a Volatile Firebomb has not been killed before the fuse timer expires, it detonates, dealing heavy raid-wide Fire damage
This also causes subsequent Volatile Firebomb detonations to deal 50% more damage
Volatile Firebombs have relatively low health, and will spawn five at a time, scattered across the encounter area
The raid should spread out around the center of the room so that at least a few DPS can reach each Volatile Firebomb and kill it
Once a minute has passed, the Iron Reaver will descend, bleeding off all her excess Energy with a Falling Slam. This impact is fatal, so players must be sure to run away from the Falling Slam graphic.