Iron Reaver Mythic Difficulty

There are two major changes in the Mythic Difficulty version of this encounter, one in each phase.

During the Ground Operations phase, Iron Reaver will repeatedly scatter Volatile Firebombs throughout the encounter area.
  • These Volatile Firebombs react identically to the Volatile Firebombs encountered during the air phase on Normal/Heroic difficulty
  • Iron Reaver casts Firebomb three times during the grounded phase - right at the start of the phase, between the second and third Barrage, and just before the final Blitz
  • Because the health of the Volatile Firebombs is low, players do not need to save cooldowns to kill them, or use legendary ring effects
  • Assigning specific ranged DPS to kill the Volatile Firebombs in designated sectors of the room will help ensure the mechanic is handled smoothly
During the Air Operations phase, when Iron Reaver casts Firebomb, she will summon four different types of Firebombs, rather than just the Volatile Firebombs from Normal/Heroic difficulties. The different types of Firebombs are indicated by colored light beams.

If any of these Firebombs are allowed to detonate, the raid will take Fire damage and gain a stacking Firebomb Vulnerability debuff. Each type of Firebomb has a different-length fuse and must be handled in a particular manner.

Quick-Fuse Firebomb

Reactive Firebomb

Burning Firebomb

Reinforced Firebomb
Quick-Fuse Firebombs are indicated by a yellow aura:
  • These Firebombs have a 12-second fuse, and very low health
  • Their detonation damage is also low, but a Quick-Fuse detonation still grants Firebomb Vulnerability
  • These are the priority kill targets
Reactive Firebombs are indicated by a blue aura:
  • These Firebombs have a 30-second fuse and can only be destroyed by clicking on them
  • Destroying a Reactive Firebomb deals very heavy Physical damage
  • Tanks are ideal for this job, but players with immunities or strong damage-reduction cooldowns can also perform it
  • The Reactive Destruction deals splash damage, so players not assigned to destroying these bombs should not stand hear them
Burning Firebombs are indicated by a green, fiery aura:
  • These Firebombs have a 40-second fuse and afflict attackers with stacks of Flame Vulnerability
  • DoT application counts as an attack, but DoT ticks, melee auto-attacks, splash AoE damage, and Multistrikes do not
  • Players with slow, hard-hitting casts or heavy reliance on DoTs are ideal for destroying these Firebombs
  • Players should be careful not to build up too many stacks of Flame Vulnerability, since Artillery detonations still occur during this phase
  • Healers should pay special attention to players with Flame Vulnerability when Artillery expires
  • Players currently affected by Artillery should not damage any Burning Firebombs until Artillery's explosion occurs
Reinforced Firebombs are indicated by a faint purple aura:
  • These Firebombs have an 85-second fuse and very high health, so will require dedicated DPS focus
  • Due to their lengthy fuse, they are the lowest-priority bombs
  • Players should DoT or cleave onto Reinforced Firebombs where possible, especially if this generates resources that increase damage done to other Firebombs
  • Do not focus on finishing off these bombs until all other Firebomb types are dead
With each cast of Firebomb, Iron Reaver will summon:
  • 4 Quick-Fuse Firebombs
  • 3 Reactive Firebombs
  • 3 Burning Firebombs
  • 1 Reinforced Firebomb
The raid should be sure to spread out during this phase so that there are sufficient DPS within range of each Quick-Fuse Firebomb to kill them before they detonate.