Making WoW Gold With Jewelcrafting Shuffle

Jewelcrafting tends to be a forgotten profession until you need a gem. I'm going to let you know why you should never ignore this profession, and how it can net you a lot of gold using what is commonly referred to as 'The JC Shuffle.'

The general idea of the shuffle in purely visual terms can be found here. Anything on this site is not my work and I do not own rights to it.

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Table of Contents

  • Required Professions
  • What Ores Do I Use
    • How Much Should I Spend
  • Teach Me The Shuffle, Oh Wise One!
    • Step 1: Prospecting
    • Step 2: Transmute
    • Step 3: Cut
    • Step 4: Craft
    • Step 5: Disenchant
    • Step 6: Sell, Sell, Sell!

Required Professions


**Note: In order to be able to have all the cuts/transmutes/ability to disenchant the items in this Guide the character with the Profession must be at least Level 75 or they can not progress the professions far enough to be able to complete the shuffle.

What Ores Do I Use

Elementium Ore - This is my ore of choice. The price per stack versus the gems you will get make it most viable in my opinion.
Obsidium Ore - This ore tends to be cheapest but you will get less mats. You get what you pay for.
Pyrite Ore - This is the most expensive ore and you will get the most mats technically speaking. But in my experience and for profitability purposes, I recommend Elementium Ore.

How Much Should I Spend

First of all, I recommend having an Addon for the Auction House. I prefer Auctioneer, though the Addon you use is ultimately up to you. Having this will allow you see current market conditions before you buy. For instance, when the Addon tells you the ore is selling at 280% of market value, that would not be the prime time to buy. Check the Auction House often and you will find deals. Example: Currently on my server Elementium Ore sells at its peak for about 75g. I tend to not buy ore unless it's 50g or less. Hence, at a discount. Make sure you're investigating prices before you dig in or it is very likely you will find yourself losing gold instead of making it.

Lastly, you could farm the ore yourself but in most cases you'll be spending so much time farming the ore, you will get burnt out. In order to be effective and make gold quickly, simply buy the ore. You will make your money back ten-fold if you stick to it.

Teach Me The Shuffle, Oh Wise One!

Step 1: Prospecting

Once you have the ore on hand your first step is going to be Prospecting it. You can prospect a stack of gems four times. This step may take you some time as you have to click the ability and then the ore, repeating the cycle until all your ore is prospected into gems. See the table for a list of gems you will obtain.
Uncommon Gems Rare Gems
Carnelian Inferno Ruby
Hessonite Ember Topaz
Jasper Dream Emerald
Alicite Amberjewel
Nightstone Demonseye
Zephyrite** Ocean Sapphire

**Take note: Zephyrite is the most useless gem in game currently. You will rarely if ever make a profit with them cut OR uncut on the Auction House. Your best bet is to cut them and vendor them. A stack of 20 uncut vendors for 10g while a cut stack will vendor for 15g.

However, maintain a stack of Zephyrite at all times if you're actively doing the JC dailies as Nibbler! No! or Nibbler! No!, as both require them.

Step 2: Transmute

Any Carnelian you get will need to be sent to your Alchemist, assuming you have one. At which point you will use Transmute: Inferno Ruby. You will need 3 Carnelian and 3 Heartblossom for each transmute. If you are a Transmutation Master you will have the chance to proc additional rubies. Once this is done, send the rubies back to yourJewelcrafter to be cut.

Step 3: Cut

So what Gems are the most profitable to cut

Inferno Ruby is by far the best selling gem in game currently. You will want to cut these into Brilliant Inferno Ruby, Delicate Inferno Ruby, or Bold Inferno Ruby. On my server Brilliant Inferno Ruby sells best followed by Delicate Inferno Ruby, with Bold Inferno Ruby coming in least profitable. But make sure to check your own server's Auction House before you decide which you are going to cut, as server markets tend to vary. For all other Rare quality gems, cut at your own risk. On my server I make more gold selling the uncut Ember Topaz, Dream Emerald, Amberjewel, Demonseye, and Ocean Sapphire. Again, and I can't stress this enough: Check your server's economy on gems before making ANY decisions.

Step 4: Craft

But what about all these uncommon gems ! Aren't they worth something too.... Yes, yes they are!! Use your Jewelcrafter to craft the following:
Gem Item Materials Needed
Hessonite Hessonite Band or Hessonite Band 2 Hessonite and 1 Jeweler's Setting
Jasper Jasper Ring or Jasper Ring 1 Jasper and 1 Jeweler's Setting
Alicite Alicite Pendant or Alicite Pendant 2 Alicite and 1 Jeweler's Setting
Nightstone Nightstone Choker or Nightstone Choker 2 Nightstone and 1 Jeweler's Setting

Step 5: Disenchant

Here is where your Enchanter comes into play. In the following table I will show you which items to disenchant and what they will disenchant into:
Item Possible Materials
Hessonite Band 1-8 Hypnotic Dust
1-8 Lesser Celestial Essence
Hessonite Band 1-2 Heavenly Shard
Jasper Ring 1-8 Hypnotic Dust
1-7 Lesser Celestial Essence
Jasper Ring 1-2 Small Heavenly Shard
Alicite Pendant 1-8 Hypnotic Dust
1-7 Lesser Celestial Essence
Alicite Pendant 1-2 Small Heavenly Shard
Nightstone Choker 1-9 Hypnotic Dust
1-8 Lesser Celestial Essence
Nightstone Choker 1-2 Heavenly Shard

Note: It is wise to attempt to sell the rare quality items i.e. Nightstone Choker on the auction house before Disenchanting them. Not all will sell, but the ones that do will make you more gold then the mats you will get via disenchanting.
If your server is anything like mine you will want to take Lesser Celestial Essence and make them into Greater Celestial Essence which sell for significantly more.

Step 6: Sell, Sell, Sell!

You're almost there! Now that you've Prospected, Transmuted, Cut, Crafted and Disenchanted and your brain's about to explode; here's where it all pays off!
Head to your nearest Auction House and lets get some bids going!

When selling, make sure you check the Auction House first for a couple of days and get an eye for the market. This prevents you from selling for 300g, something that may actually be worth 400+ (Such as Cut Inferno Rubies). The reason this can happen is simple: someone else in order to make a quick sell, undercuts the market by far too much thus temporarily lowering the value of the item. Generally speaking if you wait 24-48 hours and let those clear off, the value should rise again.
Finally, thank you for reading this guide. This guide is not all inclusive. There are other varieties of The JC Shuffle out there that are also profitable. This method is simply the one that works best for me. If you have anything to add or any questions, please comment below!!

As always, thanks to Squirekel for always helping me with coding. I'm getting better :) But without her, I'd never have gotten this far.