Karazhan Wow Loot

Karazhan (a.k.a. Medivh's Tower, Ivory Tower of Karazhan, or Ivory Spire of Karazhan)[1] is an abandoned citadel (or castle)[2] located on a nexus ofley lines in southern Deadwind Pass. The tower is best known for its last known occupant ¡ª Medivh, the last Guardian of Tirisfal. After Medivh was killed by Khadgar, Lothar and Garona, the tower sealed itself off from the rest of the world. But recently, Karazhan has reawakened ¡ª an evil presence has taken the tower as its own, its halls crawling with spirits and demons, and Medivh's presence is still alive and well, even decades after his death.

Karazhan, as a level 70 ten-man raid instance, was opened in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. The instance is huge, scripted, and non-winged, containing twelve boss encounters, with 22 different NPCs.


Boss Weapons and Shields Cloth Leather Mail Plate Back Other
Trash mobs

[Grasp of the Dead]
[Inferno Waist Cord]

[Grips of Deftness]
[Zierhut's Lost Treads]

[Belt of the Tracker] [Boots of Elusion] [Drape of the Righteous]

[Soul Essence]
[Ring of Unrelenting Storms]
[Ritssyn's Lost Pendant]
[Pattern: Soulcloth Vest]
[Formula: Enchant Boots - Surefooted]

Attumen the Huntsman [Steelhawk Crossbow]

[Gloves of Saintly Blessings]
[Handwraps of Flowing Thought]
[Harbinger Bands]

[Bracers of the White Stag]
[Gloves of Dexterous Manipulation]

[Stalker's War Bands]
[Whirlwind Bracers]

[Gauntlets of Renewed Hope]
[Vambraces of Courage]

[Fiery Warhorse's Reins]
[Spectral Band of Innervation]
[Worgen Claw Necklace]

Moroes [Emerald Ripper] [Nethershard Girdle] [Edgewalker Longboots] [Belt of Gale Force]

[Boots of Valiance]
[Crimson Girdle of the Indomitable]

[Royal Cloak of Arathi Kings]
[Shadow-Cloak of Dalaran]

[Brooch of Unquenchable Fury]
[Idol of the Avian Heart]
[Moroes' Lucky Pocket Watch]
[Signet of Unshakable Faith]
[Formula: Enchant Weapon - Mongoose]

Maiden of Virtue [Shard of the Virtuous]

[Bands of Indwelling]
[Bands of Nefarious Deeds]
[Boots of Foretelling]

[Bracers of Maliciousness]
[Mitts of the Treemender]

[Gloves of Centering]
[Gloves of Quickening]

[Bracers of Justice]
[Iron Gauntlets of the Maiden]

[Barbed Choker of Discipline]
[Totem of Healing Rains]

Wizard of Oz

[Blue Diamond Witchwand]

[Ruby Slippers]
[Wicked Witch's Hat]

The Big Bad Wolf

[Big Bad Wolf's Paw]
[Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle]

[Big Bad Wolf's Head]

[Red Riding Hood's Cloak]
Romulo &Julianne

[Blade of the Unrequited]

[Masquerade Gown] [Romulo's Poison Vial]
Opera Eventshared loot [Trial-Fire Trousers] [Earthsoul Leggings] [Beastmaw Pauldrons] [Eternium Greathelm]

[Libram of Souls Redeemed]
[Ribbon of Sacrifice]

The Curator [Staff of Infinite Mysteries] [Pauldrons of the Solace-Giver] [Forest Wind Shoulderpads] [Dragon-Quake Shoulderguards] [Wrynn Dynasty Greaves] [Garona's Signet Ring]
Tier 4 glove tokens:
[Gloves of the Fallen Champion]
[Gloves of the Fallen Defender]
[Gloves of the Fallen Hero]
Terestian Illhoof

[Fool's Bane]
[Terestian's Stranglestaff]
[Xavian Stiletto]

[Cincture of Will]
[Malefic Girdle]

[Cord of Nature's Sustenance] [Girdle of the Prowler] [Breastplate of the Lightbinder]

[Gilded Thorium Cloak]
[Shadowvine Cloak of Infusion]

[Mender's Heart-Ring]
[The Lightning Capacitor]
[Formula: Enchant Weapon - Soulfrost]

Shade of Aran [Tirisfal Wand of Ascendancy]

[Boots of the Incorrupt]
[Boots of the Infernal Coven]
[Mantle of the Mind Flayer]

[Rapscallion Boots] [Steelspine Faceguard] [Pauldrons of the Justice-Seeker] [Drape of the Dark Reavers]

[Aran's Soothing Sapphire]
[Pendant of the Violet Eye]
[Saberclaw Talisman]
[Shermanar Great-Ring]
[Formula: Enchant Weapon - Sunfire]

Dust Covered Chest
(Chess Event)

[King's Defender]
[Triptych Shield of the Ancients]

[Headdress of the High Potentate]

[Bladed Shoulderpads of the Merciless]
[Forestlord Striders]
[Girdle of Treachery]

[Fiend Slayer Boots]
[Heart-Flame Leggings]

[Battlescar Boots]
[Legplates of the Innocent]

[Mithril Chain of Heroism]
[Ring of Recurrence]

Netherspite [Spiteblade]

[Pantaloons of Repentence]
[Uni-Mind Headdress]

[Cowl of Defiance]
[Skulker's Greaves]

[Earthblood Chestguard]
[Rip-Flayer Leggings]

[Girdle of Truth]
[Mantle of Abrahmis]

[Jewel of Infinite Possibilities]
[Mithril Band of the Unscarred]
[Shining Chain of the Afterworld]

Prince Malchezaar

[Light's Justice]
[Nathrezim Mindblade]
[Sunfury Bow of the Phoenix]
[The Decapitator]

[Farstrider Wildercloak]
[Ruby Drape of the Mysticant]
[Stainless Cloak of the Pure Hearted]

[Adornment of Stolen Souls]
[Jade Ring of the Everliving]
[Ring of a Thousand Marks]
Tier 4 helmet tokens:
[Helm of the Fallen Champion]
[Helm of the Fallen Defender]
[Helm of the Fallen Hero]


[Dragonheart Flameshield]
[Nightstaff of the Everliving]
[Shield of Impenetrable Darkness]

[Robe of the Elder Scribes]

[Chestguard of the Conniver]
[Stonebough Jerkin]

[Ferocious Swift-Kickers]