WoW Kormrok Encounter Mechanics

The Kormrok encounter is a primarily single-target fight punctuated by brief moments of high-priority AoE.

Kormrok has four main abilities ( Pound, Explosive Runes, Grasping Hands, and Fel Outpouring), three of which are associated with an energy type (Explosive Energy, Foul Energy, or Shadow Energy). There are three corresponding energy pools around the edge of his encounter area.

At the start of the encounter and approximately every 2 minutes thereafter, Kormrok will Leap to the nearest pool, and will empower the next two casts of the ability associated with that pool's energy type. Additionally, Kormrok will gain access to a new tank mechanic for the duration of the empowerment.
  • Players can choose which abilities they would like to have empowered next by controlling Kormrok's positioning
  • When Kormrok Leaps to a pool, the raid will take moderate damage from Splash, Splash, or Splash
  • The Fiery Pool at the south of the room will imbue Kormrok with Explosive Energy, granting Empowered Explosive Runes and Explosive Burst
  • The Foul Pool at the northwest of the room will imbue Kormrok with Foul Energy, granting Dragging Hands and Foul Crush
  • The Shadowy Pool at the east of the room will imbue Kormrok with Shadow Energy, granting Empowered Fel Outpouring and Swat
  • Kormrok cannot return to a pool he has already visited until he has visited each of the three pools


Pound is a simple raid-wide AoE that creates damaging shockwaves under every player's feet, dealing moderate Physical damage every second for five seconds. Kormrok will cast this ability frequently throughout the fight.
  • These shockwaves splash damage on to nearby players
  • The raid must maintain a 4-yard spread for the duration of Pound
  • Pound is not associated with any energy type and therefore does not have an empowered version
  • The danger of Pound - which deals only moderate damage when the raid is properly spread - is in its overlap with Kormrok's other abilities
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Explosive Runes

Explosive Runes
Explosive Runes creates five red runes on the ground that persist for 15 seconds or until triggered by a player stepping onto the rune.
  • If an Explosive Rune fades naturally without being triggered, the entire raid will take heavy Fire damage
  • If an Explosive Rune is triggered by a player, the Rune deals a smaller amount of damage in an 8-yard radius
  • Players should use personal damage-reduction cooldowns before triggering the Explosive Runes
  • Be sure not to detonate a Rune when other players are within range of its explosion
If Kormrok leaps to the Fiery Pool, he will gain the ability to cast Empowered Explosive Runes.
  • These Runes do not disappear when triggered, but instead attempt to reform several yards in front of the player who triggered the Rune
  • These Runes only stop reforming if two Runes would form in the same location, or when it is the only Rune left to be triggered
  • Five of these Explosive Runes will spawn each time Kormrok uses this ability, in a roughly pentagonal formation
  • Players must act quickly, but in a controlled fashion, to force Runes into the center of the pentagon so that they will overlap and despawn
  • Since this is a somewhat delicate operation, raids should designate a team of several Rune "stompers" to handle this mechanic reliably
  • The ideal players for this would have damage reduction cooldowns and some capacity to continue performing their role while moving
While Kormrok is empowered by Explosive Energy, he will use Explosive Burst, rooting the current tank in place.
  • The affected tank will detonate 10 seconds later, dealing heavy Fire damage to all players within 30 yards
  • The off-tank should taunt Kormrok and move him away from the Explosive Burst radius to prevent players taking any damage
  • Once Explosive Burst detonates, the affected tank gains Fel Touch, and should not tank the boss again until Fel Touch fades