Kormrok Grasping Hands

The Grasping Hands ability summons a small hand that will Grab and then Crush each player.
  • Grab deals a small burst of damage to each player and all targets within 4 yards
  • Once formed, the hands will Crush players, dealing moderate Nature damage, until the Grasping Hand is killed
  • Players cannot stack tightly for this ability without risking a raid wipe from Grab's splash damage
  • Instead, stack in small clumps of 4-5 players, each clump about 5 yards apart, and use damage-reduction cooldowns to mitigate the initial splash damage
  • This should allow AoE abilities to efficiently damage all the Hands
If Kormrok leaps to the Foul Pool, he will Empower this ability, transforming it to Dragging Hands.
  • Dragging Hands will summon a hand to Grab and Crush each player, dealing an initial burst of splash damage and increasing Nature damage over time
  • These Hands will also move towards the nearest energy pool
  • If the Hands are not destroyed by the time they reach the energy pool, players will take extremely heavy damage from entering the pool
  • As with Grasping Hands, players should stack up in small clumps before Dragging Hands is cast
  • The stack points should be far enough away from the pools to give players adequate time to damage the Hands before reaching the edge of a pool, but significantly closer to one pool so that the Hands all go in the same direction
  • Players are able to cast freely while the Dragging Hands are moving
While Kormrok is empowered by Foul Energy, he gains Foul Crush, which summons a Crushing Hand on the current tank.
  • This stuns and roots the tank in place, and deals ramping damage to the tank until the Crushing Hand is destroyed
  • Players should rapidly switch to the Crushing Hand to free their tank
  • The off-tank should taunt Kormrok as soon as the Crushing Hand has spawned
  • Once the Crushing Hand is destroyed, the affected tank gains Fel Touch, and should not tank the boss again until Fel Touch fades