Legion Azsuna Location:how to get to Azsuna

Azsuna is an island and zone in the southwestern part of the Broken Isles. It holds the ruins of the night elf civlization that existed before theSundering. The ghosts of ancient night elves roam this area, along with remnants of the blue dragonflight. The Nightfallen maintain a presence here. Azsuna was not destroyed in the Great Sundering, but was actually devastated several years before that by Queen Azshara herself.

In this zone, one of the Pillars of Creation will be contested between the heroes of Azeroth and the minions of Azshara.

Races Night elf
Blue dragonflight
Ruler Queen Azshara
Location southwest Broken Isles

Down to Azsuna

Speak with Archmage Khadgar to fly down to Azsuna.


<name>, we must find a way to reseal the Tomb of Sargeras. I have uncovered information concerning an ancient relic, which might be the key to stopping the Legion. Our search begins on the ancient elven island of Azsuna. Long ago, it was where the Highborne elves of Suramar perfected their mightiest of magics. Now it is a cursed ruins. The Illidari demon hunters have established a camp on the island. As they are the only people we know in the area, that is where we will begin. Ready to take wing


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 14,800 experience


Maps and subregions

  • The Abandoned Crossroads
  • Alluvanon's Delta
  • Azurewing Repose
    • Leyhollow
  • Azurewing Whelplands
    • Runas's Hovel
  • Challian's Terrace
  • Dead Man's Bay
  • El'dranil Peak
  • El'dranil Shallows
    • Eye of Azshara
    • Hatecoil Slave Pen
    • Hatecoil Warcamp
  • The Empyrean Society Enclave
  • Faronaar
    • Altar of End Times
    • The Burning Gate
    • Felbeast Dens
    • Felsurge Nest
    • Felwatch Point
    • Fiendish Vault
    • Illidari Perch
    • Legion Camp: Chaos
    • Legion Camp: Ruin
    • Pit of Malinoth
    • Pits of Despair
    • Soul Engine: Apocalypse
    • Trickster's Cut
    • Traitor's Overlook
    • Vanquish Point
  • Faronaar Front
  • Farondale
  • Felblaze Ingress
  • Forever Rise
  • Garden of Elune
  • The Greenway
    • Lyndras' Exile
  • Grey Shoals
  • Illidari Stand
  • Isle of the Watchers
    • Vault of the Wardens
    • Wardens' Redoubt
    • Watchers' Aerie
  • Ley-Ruins of Zarkhenar
  • Llothien
  • Llothien Highlands
  • The Lost Orchard
  • Mak'rana
  • Nor'danil Wellspring
  • Oceanus Cove
  • Old Coast Path
  • Olivian Veil
    • Gloombound Barrow
  • Queen's Reprisal
  • Rhut'van Divide
  • Rhut'van Passage
  • The Royal Pond
  • The Ruined Sanctum
  • Ruins of Nar'thalas
    • Crumble Palace
    • Drowned Gardens
    • Nar'thalas Academy
      • Hall of Antiquities
      • Hall of Arcane Learning
  • Seabreak Isle
  • Shackle's Den
  • Shipwreck Arena
  • Temple of a Thousand Lights
  • The Tidal Marsh
    • Lair of the Deposed
  • Timeworn Strand