Legion Black Rook Hold Location & Minimum Level

Black Rook Hold

Minimum Level: 110
Location: Val¡¯sharah
Bosses: 4

Carved from the greatest mountain of Val¡¯sharah by ancient elven masons, Black Rook Hold stood as a bulwark against the Burning Legion during the War of the Ancients. The nigh-impregnable fortress is also the ancestral home of Lord Kur¡¯talos Ravencrest, one-time mentor of Illidan himself. But since the latest Legion attack, a strange dark energy emanates from the Hold, and restless dead plague the surrounding lands.

Developer Insights: The encounter team was excited to tackle Black Rook Hold, which is probably the closest thing to a traditional castle that World of Warcraft has seen since Shadowfang Keep. It¡¯s also a very different take on elven architecture than we¡¯re used to seeing. Not much was known about the structure, other than the fact that it was built as a bulwark against the Legion, was named for its tower¡¯s resemblance to a certain chess piece, and that it was closely associated with Lord Kur¡¯talos Ravencrest, one-time mentor of Illidan. We doubled down on that last angle, beginning in the Ravencrest family crypt beneath the Hold and having the players work their way up through cobweb-filled corridors as the presence and influence of the Legion grow. The source of the troubles that have been plaguing the nearby town of Bradensbrook awaits at the top.

Black Rook Hold is a dark presence looming over the Howling Dale. It stands on an island on the west side of Val¡¯sharah, connected to the mainland by a wide, intimidating bridge over the Emerald Bay. Inside, four bosses are waiting to give you a warm welcome.

The Ravenscrypt

The Amalgam of Souls: Immense soul energy was released when Gul¡¯dan conducted the ritual to sever Illidan¡¯s soul from his body at Black Rook Hold. This energy brought the souls of the Ravencrest clan back to their ancestral home¡ªand residual soul energy has merged them into a massive monstrosity.

The Grand Hall

Illysanna Ravencrest: The daughter of Lord Ravencrest, imprisoned for millennia in the Vault of the Wardens shortly after the War of the Ancients, found herself free after Maiev released the demon hunters from their prison. Returning to her ancestral home, she sacrificed everything¡ªincluding her very soul¡ªto defend what she could not during the War of the Ancients.

The Rooks¡¯ Roost
Smashspite the Hateful:
A brutal, imposing Mo¡¯arg Lieutenant, Smashspite the Hateful led the Legion¡¯s invasion of Black Rook Hold and commanded defense of the keep from the air via his colony of felbats.

The Raven¡¯s Crown

Lord Kur¡¯talos Ravencrest: Kur¡¯talos Ravencrest, Lord of Black Rook Hold, was the commander of the Kal¡¯dorei Resistance during the War of the Ancients until he was assassinated by Varo¡¯then under the order of Queen Azshara. Millennia later, Gul¡¯dan¡¯s foul soul magic has awoken Ravencrest¡¯s soul, and those of his ancestors, from their eternal repose. The Legion, seeking revenge gleefully forced his soul into his body and mesmerized him, forcing him to eternally relive the horrors of the War of the Ancients.