Legion Blade's Edge Arena Strategy

Blade's Edge Arena is notoriously known for being the worst arena ever created. This arena is the largest arena currently in the game and is the easiest to kite other players in. This arena has two levels, the bottom floor and a raised bridge above the bottom floor with two ramps leading up to it. There are two pillars connected to this ramp going across with thin ropes, that players can run across. These pillars are within jumping range, making running across the rope optional.

The bottom of the pillars are generally used for kiting other players around. They also make excellent places for players to run over to and start to drink. Due to Blade's Edge's size, and layout this arena can be a real pain in the ass. If someone, expecially a druid knows how to kite and get away from people. The most important thing to keep in mind in this arena is use the terrain to your advantage!!

Map of Blade's Edge Arena

A quick run down of everything, One is where you will start. The side you can start on is random but both sides are exactly identicle to one another. So if you start out north, south won't get a advantage. There are two ways of approach in this Arena, straight under the bottom or right across the top. Usually teams that rush through the bottom are teams that don't want to let you think of a strategy and don't have a perfect one of their own.

Most teams usually run up the ramp and dick around at the top, forming a strategy, then rush. Make sure your team has a strategy made if the enemies decide to rush, this will allow you to be prepaired for anything.


Blade's Edge Arena PillarPillar: This is the most noteable landmark for Blade's Edge arena, The pillar is essentially what the arena is made around. There is a rope connecting the pillar to the central platform making it easy for players to run across. The pillar is also within jumping range, meaning the more skilled players can jump across. Really if you think about it the rope is essentially there to allow pets easy access to players on the pillar.

Blade's Edge Arena Ramp

The ramp in Blade's Edge is used to gain access to the upper crosswalk, which spreads across the whole arena. On the very right hand side of this picture is one of the best hiding spots for players that plan to run away and drink up. For a better explination of the location. If you're under the center crosswalk looking at the ramp, the location is in between the pillar and the wall.

Blade's Edge Arena Pit

This next noteable location is the pit in the center. The reason this pit is worth mentioning is for what it looks like it does, but doesn't do. When in this pit you will not be out of another players line of site, nor will you gain an advantage in anyway. The only perks to this pit are the four pillars that are on each side of it. These pillars can be used to kit other players around and easily Line of Site anyone on the opposite side.

Blade's Edge Arena Pillar Top

This is the top of the pillar. The reason I'm showing you is so you can see the rope and so I can explain something. Near the edge of the pillar, people below you are in your line of site. If you stand in the middle of the pillar, anyone near the pillar is out of your LoS. This is both good and bad depending on how you want it to work. If you're on the edge of the pillar closest to the center of the arena you will be able to heal anyone who is roughly half way under.


- Under the ramps there are very small sections you can hide to drink. See above for more information.

- The stealth detection crystals in this arena are located on top of the pillars.

- The pit in the center of the arena will NOT break any form of line of site.