Legion Class Changes

  • Class changes in Legion center around emphasizing the fantasy of each spec, and making each spec feel unique. Classes are a leading point of the expansion.
  • Hunters: Survival will be melee with a pet, Beast Mastery will be ranged with a pet, Marksmanship will be ranged with no pet.
  • Warlocks: Affliction is master of dots, Destruction is bursty damage, Demonology is a ¡°beast master¡± Warlock that summons demons, not becomes them--eg no more Metamorphosis. Slides show that Demon Hunters have Meta instead.
  • Blizzard doesn't take spec revamps lightly, so don¡¯t expect Demonology Warlock/Survival Hunter level changes for all specs.
  • Frost Death Knights are dual-wield, no more 2H.
  • Discipline Priests are becoming more of an offensive healer. They will sustain healing through DPS, with another spin at the Atonement mechanic. Example: throw out single-target heals that place a buff on players, and the next time you Smite, they get healing. Players actively manage which buffs to refresh and make decisions as they go.
  • Rogues: Assassination themed around poisons, Subtlety around ninjas, Combat has more of a pirate/swashbuckler feel.