Legion Eye of the Storm Location:how to get to Eye of the St

¡°Eye of the Storm¡± would be a florid name for most regions ¨C but for the floating isle suspended high above Netherstorm, it¡¯s just right. Coruscating mana storms suffuse the island¡¯s towers with energy, even as they wear away the barrier between Outland and the Twisting Nether, realm of the demonic Burning Legion.

These nexuses of power (and the Eye¡¯s proximity to the Naaru fortress of Tempest Keep) make an otherwise barren rock irresistible to the Light-worshipping draenei refugees of the Exodar and the driven blood elves of Silvermoon City.

Location Netherstorm
Race(s) Draenei
Blood elf
Battleground info
Advised level 15 to Level cap
Minimum level 15
Player limit 15v15
  • Resource Race
  • Netherstorm, Outland
  • 35
  • 15
  • Reach 1600 resources!

The Eye of the Storm is a battleground located within the Netherstorm. This battleground consists of 4 capture points and a flag in the center. The overall goal is to be the first team to score 1600 points (similar to Arathi Basin). The player maximum is 15 players for each faction.

Eye of the Storm is a battleground which combines World PVP like that in theEastern Plaguelands and traditional battlegrounds PvP as in Warsong Gulch(capture the flag), with the "resource" requirements (points) of Arathi Basin.

The main objective for each team is to hold as many towers as possible, much like in Arathi Basin, and then to score points by bringing the flag from the center of the map to one of the those towers. The towers work much like those in the Eastern Plaguelands or Hellfire Peninsula: players stand in them to capture them and the more people standing in them the faster the capture goes. More towers held increases the potential to score points. Each flag return to a friendly tower rewards points depending on the number of towers controlled by the team. The game ends when one side reaches 1600 points. If the flag carrier dies (similar to Warsong Gulch) then the flag is dropped and can be picked up by any player. Thus it is possible, and sometimes tactically advantageous, for one team to allow the opposing team to pick up the flag initially, then kill the flag carrier and seize the flag, returning it to one of its towers and scoring a flag capture. If the flag is not promptly picked up after being dropped, it will return to its spawn point (much like Warsong Gulch). Again, a player may return the flag to any tower owned by their team, so holding many towers is helpful not only in scoring points, but also in creating more options in retrieving the flag.

Flying mounts are not allowed in the battleground. This prevents people from using certain floating areas to their advantage.

Falling (or jumping) in the void between the land masses kills any player, after a short fall. This doesn't cause any durability penality.


Players must be at least level 15 to be eligible to join the Eye of the Storm Battleground. The brackets are 15-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70-79, 80-89, 90-99, and 100. Unlike the other Battlegrounds there is no physical entrance to Eye of the Storm in Outland. Players must interact with a battlemaster or use the PvP interface (default 'H' key) to join Eye of the Storm. Battlemasters are located in all capitals back in Azeroth and Shattrath City in Outland's Terokkar Forest. Dalaran provides a portal to the Battleground in each faction's area of the city, on the mezzanine above the portals to cities.

As of patch 3.1.0, a player may queue up for the Eye of the Storm anywhere in the world by going to the battlegrounds tab of the Player vs. Player window. They will return to the location they chose to enter the battleground, not the queue, when the game ends.