Legion Ironforge Preview

Four years after King Magni's petrification, Moira was asked by Muradin and some of the priests to talk to Magni, as she often did when times were trying, in the hopes that it would wake him up. She however felt that it was a fool's errand, still believing that Magni would still not have approved of her ruling, but did so to keep up appearances. However, to the vast surprise of Moira and Advisor Belgrum, Magni awoke with a mighty crash as a living statue made of diamond. With a voice like a mountainslide, he told Moira and Belgrum that he now spoke for the land and was a part of Azeroth itself. Muradin and Falstad also came down to see him.
While the Council of Three Hammers waited for Magni and discussed what the king's return would mean for the political stability of Ironforge upstairs at the High Seat, Magni was taking the time to walk once again through his city, including stopping at the The Great Anvil, seeing the gryphons at the gryphon roost, and kneeling in the pool of the Mystic Ward. By all laws under the mountain, as long as the rightful ruler was alive, the city belonged to him, but Moira and Falstad knew that the Dark Irons and the Wildhammers would never kneel to a Bronzebeard king. However, Magni, having just returned to the throne room, replied that he had not come to reclaim his crown. No longer a king but a servant of Azeroth, he delivered a dire warning about the Burning Legion's return to the three, and that they had to prepare their people¡ªall their people¡ªfor what was coming. He then proclaimed that he had to leave immediately to warn the rest of the Alliance.