Legion New Class: Demon Hunter

Demon Hunters are elven outcasts shunned by society for using the powers of the Legion.

  • Races: Demon Hunters can only be Night Elves or Blood Elves
  • Hero Class: Start at higher level to jump right into Legion content. Starting level at 98.
  • Specs: Havoc (DPS) and Vengeance (Tanking). No healing spec--doesn't fit into the fantasy.
  • Available Armor: Cloth, Leather
  • Weapon: Glaive weapon pair for both slots.
  • Character creation allows players to customize horns, tattoos, skin variations including demonic scales, and different types of eyewear. This is on top of usual markings for Night Elves and Blood Elves.
  • 12th Character Creation slot for addition of Demon Hunter.
  • Demon Hunter abilities include Metamorphosis and Double Jump.
  • Demon Hunters, as a Hero Class, get a unique starting experience--similar to Death Knights. They awaken in Vault of the Wardens in order to combat the largest Legion invasion ever.