Legion New Continent: Broken Isles

  • Introduction to Broken Isles is Broken Shore--wake up to world on fire.
  • Val'sharah: Forgotten Druid Refuge, used to be pinnacle of elven civilization - Malfurion becoming a druid, lots of Night Elf lore. Players face demons trying to unleash Emerald Nightmare. We can't stop it, so we go into the Emerald Nightmare where we get glimpses into the Emerald Dream. Meet up with Cenarius and Ysera to help us fight back.
  • Stormheim: Uncover fate of Vry'kul that left Northrend 1000s of years ago in search of Holy Land. Halls of Valor and Hellheim--homes to warring Titan Keepers. Discover origins of Val'kyr and K'valdir as you ride Ship of Souls into Maw of Hell. Fight Vry'kul's God King that are pawns of Burning Legion. Beautiful and scary area.
  • Azsuna: You will see this place was once something very special--bones of ancient Night Elf civilization. There are ghosts of ancient night elves and remnants of blue dragonflight. We'll be facing Queen Azshara here.
  • Highmountain: Tribe of Tauren, Keepers of Kazgoroth's item. Lair of the Earthwarder, Neltharian - he's still dead but there are other things there. Nesingwary is in this zone--he's after the big game.
  • Suramar: New race of elves - Lived there for last 10k years, flourished from Magic abilities. They became pawns of the burning legion and they have the last relic we need.
  • Dalaran and mages of Kirin Tor, now led by Khadgar, are joining us. Dalaran is coming to Broken Island and will be main hub for players this expansion. However, for gameplay purposes, the original version of Dalaran will continue to exist in Northrend for leveling players, while a slightly-tweaked version will be in the Broken Isles.
  • Nine new dungeons and two new raids were revealed--more information in the Dungeons and Raids section.