Legion New Raids

  • Two new raids announced¡ªEmerald Nightmare and Suramar Palace.
  • They will follow similar schedule to Highmaul/Blackrock Foundry. Emerald Nightmare is available soon after launch with 7 bosses, Suramar comes later with 10 bosses.
  • Emerald Nightmare is a corrupted version of the Emerald Dream.
  • The Emerald Dream was created by Titans as blueprint for Azeroth--unspoiled version of world. Now, something has gone horribly wrong.
  • Climb up into tree and cross through barrier that separates reality from the dream.
  • Suramar Palace: Grand Magistrix has brokered deal with Legion, and the Legion has corrupted the Titan pillar.
  • Traditional layout, similar to Black Temple. Start from catacombs and work way up to heart of Nightwell.
  • Gul¡¯dan is the final boss of the Suramar Palace raid.
  • Suramar Palace is elven in feel¡ªno more spikes, fel fire, etc.