Legion New Social Features

Several social features were briefly described in interviews:

  • When a friend joins a queue, a notification is sent to their friends encouraging them to queue as well.
  • Improved group communication and social circles. Examples - friends you enjoy raiding or PvPing with.

Profession Updates

Several profession improvements were briefly described at the Sunday dev talk:
  • Professions are a focus in Legion, after Garrisons replaced too much profession functionality.
  • There will be quest lines for each individual profession.
  • Systems changes - updates that improve UI and add new functionality to gain expertise in individual recipes.

Flying in Legion

  • Flying will not be in Legion at launch.
  • The Warlords solution of Draenor Pathfinder strikes a good compromise between letting ground-based gameplay to shine, and allowing people who have completed content to take to skies.
  • In Legion 7.0, the first steps to unlock flying are available.
  • The devs respect that players want to use their flying mounts.