Legion Story and Setting

  • 10k years ago, this was a night elf civilization. Now, a graveyard of sorts. On this continent we discover the Tomb of Sargeras. Story begins after a battle here.
  • Broken Shore Experience: Wake up to the world on fire
  • We will wield fabled artifacts of those we have lost and those that have lost hope.
  • We are trying to restore peace to world - to do this we form Class Orders.
  • Demon Hunters: We will need all the help we can get against the burning legion.
  • We go to BT and see Illidan send out his Illidari off to a special mission.
  • Are artifacts and demon hunters gonna be enough We need to get help from the Titans.
  • Scour Broken Isles to find the pillars of creation.
  • Dalaran and mages of Kirin Tor, now led by Khadgar, are joining us. Dalaran is coming to Broken Island and will be main hub for players this expansion.
  • Where is Jaina She is upset when she left--they can't go into detail.