Legion:The Broken Shore Summary

The Broken Shore lies in the southeast part of the Broken Isles. It is the starting zone for Legion-Logo-Small World of Warcraft: Legion. It serves as ground zero for the most recent invasion by the Burning Legion of Azeroth and is where the majority of heroes from both factions appear, such as Varian Wrynn and Sylvanas Windrunner.

Relevant Locations

The entirety of this quest happens in Stormwind City.


This is your vessel, <name>. She's a fine ship, been through many a campaign. Speak with the ship's captain when you're ready to depart. Good luck out there. We've received few reports about what's happening at the Broken Shore, but I'd wager King Varian has matters well in hand.


  • Fishing
  • Herbalism
  • Mining


The Broken Shore is part of the Legion launch event that will last a few weeks.

Once players accept the relevant part of The Battle for Broken Shore, they are teleported into a scenario version of the Shore, surrounded by other players who signed up at the same time.


Thal'dranath was originally conceived as a large island located to the southeast of the Broken Shore, which was to be featured in post-launch content for Legion. It was planned to be an area dotted with ancient night elf ruins with a heavy Burning Legion presence, but was scrapped during development in favor of more interesting ideas, as the team felt the theme was already adequately explored in other zones on the Broken Isles.Its name was later repurposed as the original Darnassian name for the Broken Shore.


The Broken Shore was once a portion of the city of Suramar, and the location of the Temple of Elune. During the Sundering, it sank under the sea.

Millennia later, Aegwynn hid at least two artifacts and imprisoned many demons and the Avatar of Sargeras in the old temple, forever renaming it the Tomb of Sargeras.

During the Second War, Gul'dan raised it from the bottom of the sea and opened the Tomb, only to be torn to shreds by the demons inside. Forces later sent by Ner'zhul recovered the Jeweled Scepter of Sargeras, to be used to open thousands of portals simultaneously across Draenor to escape the dying world and conquer other worlds than Azeroth. This lead to the world's destruction as the multitude of unstable portals caused the planet to crack apart.

During the Third War, Illidan Stormrage entered and recovered the Eye of Sargeras, and attempted to collapse part of the Temple on Maiev Shadowsong for attempting to stop him from destroying theLich King and trying to imprison him once more.

Some years later, after the war in Draenor, a Gul'dan from an alternate reality managed to open a portal within the Tomb of Sargeras, ushering in the largest invasion of Azeroth by the Burning Legion in history. Their ultimate goal was to finally summon the dark titan himself, Sargeras to Azeroth to usher in the defiant world's final destruction.

A massive army was sent by the forces of Azeroth to combat the Burning Legion, including but not limited to the Alliance, Horde, and the Argent Crusade. The Battle for the Broken Shore culminated in the Legion overrunning Azeroth's defenders and forcing them to withdraw. Many of the greatest heroes in Azeroth, such as Tirion Fordring, Vol'jin, and Varian Wrynn, fell in battle before the Legion or were mortally wounded. Some escaped, others went missing or were captured, but many more died upon the Broken Shore.

A paladin hero would return to the Shore sometime after the disastrous battle to try and save Tirion Fordring, who was held captive by the Legion and had lost the Ashbringer. The Ashbringer was reclaimed and used to battle Balnazzar, who escaped before he could be defeated. On his deathbed, Tirion proclaimed the hero as the new wielder of the Ashbringer before passing away.

A demon hunter hero ventured to the Broken Shore to reclaim the Aldrachi Warblades from Caria Felsoul, a traitor to the Illidari.

A warrior hero fought alongside many vrykul on the Broken Shore but was overwhelmed. They were saved from the brink of death by a val'kyr and brought to the Halls of Valor.

Vereesa Windrunner and a hunter hero, seeking Vereesa's missing sister Alleria, used the Broken Shore as a launch point onto a Legion world called Niskara where Alleria was rumored to be held.Knights of the Ebon Blade launched a separate expedition to Niskara in order to locate Gorelix the Fleshripper in order to recover another artifact that was held in his hands.