Lost City of the Tol'vir Loot Bosses

Lost City of the Tol'vir is one of the three dungeons in Uldum introduced inWorld of Warcraft: Cataclysm.[1] It is designed for level 85 players and features the Tol'vir race. Having allied themselves with Al'Akir and Deathwing in exchange for retaining their stone bodies lost in effect of the Curse of Flesh, they now pose a serious threat to the races of Uldum as well as the whole world of Azeroth that must be eliminated at all costs. The forces of Nefersethere are led by the mighty djinni - Siamat, Lord of the South Wind.

The instance line is at the lost city's northernmost point of in the Vir'naal River Delta of south-central Uldum. If one kills all the bosses and the minimum number of Trash mobs, the instance should yield around ~975 Reputation with a Tabard, before the Human racial passive Diplomacy and the Guild Perk - Mr. Popularity are taken into account.

During the initial quests for Uldum, players are sent into a phased version of the dungeon prior to continuing on. The inhabitants for this phased version are listed in their own section below.


Vir'naal River Delta, Uldum[61, 64]

End boss


Instance info


Advised level


Minimum level


Minimum average
item level

305 (normal)
329 (heroic)

Player limit



General Husam
Augh and Lockmaw
High Prophet Barim



Bosses Monsters

Warlord's Garrison

  • General Husam
  • Neferset Plaguebringer
  • Neferset Torturer
  • Oathsworn Axemaster
  • Oathsworn Captain
  • Oathsworn Pathfinder
    • Sharptalon Eagle
  • Tamed Tol'vir Prowler

The Trapper's Enclave

  • Neferset Darkcaster
  • Oathsworn Axemaster
  • Oathsworn Myrmidon
  • Oathsworn Scorpid Keeper
  • Oathsworn Wanderer
  • Enslaved Bandit
  • Bonesnapper Scorpid
  • Venomfang Crocolisk

Oasis of the Fallen Prophet

  • Lockmaw
    • Frenzied Crocolisk
      • Augh
  • Pygmy Brute
  • Pygmy Firebreather
  • Pygmy Scout

Terrace of the Augurs

  • High Prophet Barim
    • Harbinger of Darkness
    • Blaze of the Heavens (Heroic Only)
  • Neferset Darkcaster
  • Neferset Plaguebringer
  • Neferset Theurgist
  • Neferset Torturer
  • Oathsworn Axemaster
  • Oathsworn Skinner
  • Tol'vir Merchant

Sanctum of the South Wind

  • Siamat
    • Minion of Siamat
    • Servant of Siamat

Boss Item Type
Normal Heroic
General Husam [Kaleki Cloak] [Kaleki Cloak] Agility cloak
[Ionic Gloves] [Ionic Gloves] Spirit mail gloves
[Greaves of Wu the Elder] [Greaves of Wu the Elder] DPS plate boots
[Seliza's Spear] [Seliza's Spear] Agility polearm
[Spirit Creeper Ring] [Spirit Creeper Ring] Caster ring
Lockmaw & Augh [Sand Silk Wristband] [Sand Silk Wristband] DPS cloth bracers
[Barim's Main Gauche] [Barim's Main Gauche] Agility dagger
[Sand Dune Belt] [Sand Dune Belt] Tank plate belt
[Veneficial Band] [Veneficial Band] Spirit ring
[Heart of Solace] [Heart of Solace] Strength trinket
High Prophet Barim [Tauntka's Necklace] [Tauntka's Necklace] Caster necklace
[Balkar's Waders] [Balkar's Waders] Agility mail leggings
[Resonant Kris] [Resonant Kris] Strength one-hand sword
[Greaves of Wu the Younger] [Greaves of Wu the Younger] Caster plate boots
[Ring of the Darkest Day] [Ring of the Darkest Day] Strength ring
Siamat [Geordan's Cloak] [Geordan's Cloak] Strength cloak
[Evelyn's Belt] [Evelyn's Belt] Spirit cloth belt
[Mantle of Master Cho] [Mantle of Master Cho] Caster cloth shoulders
[Crafty's Gaiters] [Crafty's Gaiters] Agility leather boots
[Leggings of the Path] [Leggings of the Path] Spirit leather leggings
[Hammer of Sparks] [Hammer of Sparks] Agility one-hand mace
[Ring of Three Lights] [Ring of Three Lights] Tank ring
[Zora's Ward] [Zora's Ward] Caster shield
[Sorrowsong] [Sorrowsong] DPS caster trinket
[Tia's Grace] [Tia's Grace] Agility trinket
[Chaos Orb] Trade goods
Trash [Oasis Bracers] Spirit leather bracers
[Mirage Ring] Agility ring

The following quests are offered by Captain Hadan just inside the instance:

  • [85D] Targets of Opportunity
  • [85D] The Source of Their Power

  • [Lost City of the Tol'vir]
  • [Heroic: Lost City of the Tol'vir]
  • [Heroic: Lost City of the Tol'vir Guild Run]
  • [Acrocalypse Now]
  • [Headed South]
  • [Kill It With Fire!]

  • During the initial quests for Uldum, players are sent into a non-instanced version of the dungeon prior to continuing on.