Making WoW Gold Fishing

1.What do you do
The thing you do when using this guide is Fishing Volatile Fires. In Mount Hyjal and in Twilight Highlands there are Pools of Fire. They are practically Fishing Pools from which you don't fish fish or trash, but Volatile Fires. You can obviously sell these on the Auction House for some quick money. This may not be as rewarding for some players who use their own fast money making ways, but players who are low on cash can give this a try.
Why, you ask Why making money with Fishing when Herbalism and Mining gives you much more money over time There is one very good reason for this. You can do this for about 15 mins, making you about 200-400 gold, which can result in more than 1000 gold per hour! Maybe Herbalism and Mining gives more money, but when you have little time on your hands, need soms quick gold and got nothing to do, this may be just what you need!
3.What do you need
The first and most important things you need are the Fishing Skill and a Fishing Rod. The great thing about this method is that there isn't a minimum Fishing level required for this! You can start doing this at Fishing level 1. To use this method most effectively, you should have the portals to Twilight Highlands and Mount Hyjal open. You also need a Flying Mount.
Thanks lankibrit for helping me with this. It's very handy to have Find Fishing. With this you can see the Pools of Fire on the minimap. Find Fishing is obtained via the Fishing dailies. They give you a Bag of Shiny Things which contains a Weather-Beaten Journal. Use the Weather-Beaten Journal to learn the Find Fishing skill!
4.Where do you do it
The most effective route I found was Starting in Orgrimmar or Stormwind, your sides capital. Set your Hearthstone in Valley of Strength, respectively Trade District. Get out of your inn, mount up and fly to your faction's portals. Take the portal to Mount Hyjal. Mount up and fly towards the Molten Front (see map for reference).
There, look for Pools of Fire (see image). Start fishing them. Just make sure your bobber is inside the pool, otherwise you'll fish up trash. each loot will give you one or two Volatile Fire. There will be four Pools of Fire. After fishing them, fly back to Nordrassil, take your faction's portal back to the city and take the portal to Twilight Highlands. From there, fly towards Crushblow (again, see map for reference). There, near a mob called Lord Cannon, are another four Pools of Fire. Fish these as well. They also give one or two Volatile Fire. After fishing those, Hearthstone to your respective faction's capital. By now you should have fished up 40-60 Volatile Fire. Post them on the Auction House and get ready for the second run!
5.Respawn times and other information
The respawn time for the Pools of Fire is set at 15 minutes. Usually, after you finished Twilight Highlands, the ones in Mount Hyjal should be back. I suggest setting up a timer to make sure you get there on time to start again, since it's a highly sought after spot.
Please note that this method of making money is not unknown. Chances are there will be other people farming them, but it won't harm anyone trying it out. Maybe on your server no one does it, which gives you an extra way of making some gold!
Nearly all credit goes to me for making this guild. Some credit goes to an Alliance player on my server (I'm Horde) who was doing this. I saw him farming this and I tried it out, giving me wonderful results. Thank you, random Alliance guy! Images are from WoWWiki or from Google images. All copyright goes to them!