Making WoW Gold with Inscription

Staff note: This guide is outdated but kept up for Archival purposes due to the positive feedback it received when it was relevant.
Please note that this guide IS outdated, and may not work anymore.

Hello Wowheader's
  • Are you a poor poor person
  • Are you constantly asking your friends for more money
  • Need to enchant/gem your gear but dont have the money to
If you answerd yes to one of those questions then this is the guide for you!

What are the requirements for this
  • About 100 gold
  • Atleast 450 in inscription
Step one
First you must get 450 or maxed in Inscription and obtain 100 gold.

Step two
Learn the recipe for Mysterious Fortune Card
If you are maxed get the recipe for Darkmoon Card of Destruction

Step three
Buy the cheapest Cataclysm herb on the auction house at the moment.
This would include
  • Azshara's Veil
  • Cinderbloom
  • Heartblossom
  • Stormvine
  • Twilight Jamine
  • Whiptail
Mill these to get Ashen Pigment

Step four
This is how i look at it
One stack of 20 herbs = on average 10 Ashen Pigment
10 Ashen Pigment = 5 Blackfallow Ink
5 Blackfallow Ink + 5 Resilient Parchment = 5 Mysterious Fortune Card

The average price for the mats to make the 5 fourtune cards is around 20 gold
The average selling price for one card is somewhere around 9 gold
9 gold * 5 gold = 45 gold
45 gold - 20 gold (for mats) = 25 gold profit!

You also might want to use this macro it speeded up my sales a lot.

Selling Mysterious Fortune Cards really cheap on the AH.
Get your chance at winning 5k gold!

Step five (if you maxed your Inscription)
If you maxed your Inscription you have a chance to make even more money!

Get the mats to make Darkmoon Card of Destruction
The mats may look expensive at first but the selling price (depending on your server) can be anywhere form 300-1,000 gold.

Some of you may be wondering why you shouldnt complete the entire set and sell the trinket well I will tell you why! Keeping them to sell as a deck is possibly the worst thing you could do. Here is why...

1. There are so many cards that it is really hard to get the seven you need.
2. Most people already have part of the set and are just looking to buy one card.
3. There is a possibility to make more money!

This is how I look at it
One complete deck= on average 5,000 gold
Seven individual cards= anywhere between 2,100 and 7,000
also add in the fact that you dont get the card you want every time. Meaning you could get 50 cards before you finish the set.

Anyway thats how I got rich! If you are also an Herb gatherer then it makes the profit a lot bigger!

Now go get rich!!!