Mannoroth Encounter Mechanics

The Mannoroth encounter is a long, multi-phase, complicated fight with moderate movement requirements, high raid awareness demands, and frequent target-switching.
  • Initially, players must defeat Fel Iron Summoners and the demons they call forth from the Fel Spires
  • Once the Fel Iron Summoners are dead, Gul'dan will destroy a Fel Spire and use its power to resurrect a weakened Mannoroth
  • When the weakened Mannoroth reaches 65% health, Gul'dan will destroy a second Fel Spire and use its power to restore Mannoroth to his full strength
  • When Mannoroth reaches 35% health, Gul'dan destroys the final Fel Spire and uses its power to grant Mannoroth unspeakable power
The Fel Spires are each associated with a type of demon; the Fel Iron Summoners at the start of the fight will each be summoning the demon type associated with the Fel Spire they are standing in front of. When Gul'dan destroys a Fel Spire, he also prevents further demons of that type from entering the encounter. As a result, the fight will begin with a large number of add types, and as Mannoroth gains new abilities, players will have fewer adds to deal with.

Phase 1: The Legion's Might

Players will enter Destructor's Rise to find Mannoroth's corpse in a pool of the Blood of Mannoroth. Standing in the Blood of Mannoroth deals heavy, periodic Fire damage.

The raid must defeat the Fel Iron Summoners standing at the outer edges of the platform before they will be able to engage Mannoroth in combat. Fel Iron Summoners have no abilities of their own, but are powering up Summoning Portals near each Fel Spire:

  • The Fel Iron Summoner in front of the red Fel Spire is powering a portal that summons Doom Lords
  • The Fel Iron Summoner in front of the purple Fel Spire is powering a portal that summons Fel Imps
  • The Fel Iron Summoner in front of the green Fel Spire is powering a portal that summons Dread Infernals
The Doom Lord portal will afflict a random target with Curse of the Legion. When this is dispelled, or when it runs out naturally, a Doom Lord is summoned in the cursed player's location.
  • Doom Lords must be tanked, and will stack Doom Strike on their melee target
  • Doom Strike deals no damage on application, but when it expires, it will deal damage based on the number of stacks present
  • The tank should use a cooldown to mitigate the Doom Strike damage

Doom Lords will also assault the raid with two powerful abilities: Shadow Bolt Volley and Mark of Doom.

  • Shadow Bolt Volley will deal moderate damage to all players, but can be interrupted
  • Mark of Doom chooses several targets at random; these targets will become Doomed after 15 seconds, taking fatal damage
  • If a player with the Mark of Doom takes damage from any source before the debuff expires, Mark of Doom is removed, and the player instead triggers a Mark Eruption
  • The Mark Eruption deals moderate damage to all players within 20 yards of the Mark of Doom target
  • When affected by Mark of Doom, players should run away from the raid and each other, and purposefully take damage to trigger the Mark Eruption when no other players are within its radius
  • Use Blood of Mannoroth damage to trigger Mark Eruption, by standing in the pool in the center of the room

The Dread Infernal portal will summon three Dread Infernals with each Inferno cast. When each Dread Infernal lands, they deal moderate Fire damage to players within the impact zone.

  • Dread Infernals will channel a long Fel Hellfire cast, dealing periodic Fire damage to players within 10 yards
  • At the end of this cast, Dread Infernals will cast Fel Streak, and rush to a random location
  • Players within 8 yards of that location will take heavy Fire damage when the Dread Infernal lands
  • Melee DPS cannot easily attack Dread Infernals, so ranged DPS should be in charge of killing them
The Fel Imp portal will summon eight Fel Imps with each Fel Imp-losion cast. Fel Imps spawn in random locations, but always near a player's position, so the raid can stack up when Fel Imp-losion is about to happen to ensure that Fel Imps spawn close together.
  • Fel Imp-losion deals light Fire damage to players within its 3-yard radius as the Fel Imps spawn
  • Fel Imps will repeatedly cast Fel Blast, which targets random players and deals moderate Fire damage to all players within 3 yards of the target
  • When a Fel Imp's mana bar fills up, it will cast Phase Blink, teleporting to a random location
  • Fel Imps can be stunned and interrupted, and are susceptible to knockback and other forced-movement abilities
  • Players should use CC and interrupts to prevent Fel Blast casts, and burn the Fel Imps down quickly

When players kill a Fel Iron Summoner, the adds from that Fel Iron Summoner's portal will stop spawning for the rest of the phase. Because Doom Lords are the most difficult to deal with, players should kill the Fel Iron Summoner at the red Fel Spire first.

Once all three Fel Iron Summoners are dead, Phase 2 will begin.

Phase 2: The Resurrection

At the start of this phase, Gul'dan will destroy the red Fel Spire and resurrect Mannoroth. This means that players will no longer have to contend with the Doom Lord's mechanics for the rest of the encounter; however, Fel Imps and Dread Infernals will continue to spawn, using the same abilities they had in Phase 1.

Mannoroth will attack tanks with a powerful Glaive Combo, requiring tight tank coordination to survive.

  • The Glaive Combo consists of a Glaive Thrust, a Massive Blast, and then a second Glaive Thrust
  • These attacks happen 1.5 seconds apart, and a Glaive Combo will occur every 30 seconds
  • Glaive Thrust deals very heavy damage to the current tank, and will inflict a Puncture Wound if the tank does not have an Active Mitigation ability up
  • Massive Blast will knock the current tank back, dealing heavy Shadow damage, and debuffing them so the next Massive Blast within 45 seconds will deal 300% increased damage
  • One tank should take the first Glaive Thrust and the Massive Blast; the second tank should taunt and take the second Glaive Thrust
  • The Massive Blast knock-back is huge, so tanks should position themselves with their backs against a Fel Spire to avoid being knocked off the platform
  • Healers will need to focus healing on the tanks for the Glaive Combo, and may be asked to provide external CDs for the tanks
Mannoroth will frequently cast Fel Hellstorm, causing felflame fireballs to rain down from the sky near players' locations.
  • Fel Hellstorm's fireballs will fall every 0.5 seconds for 3 seconds, and their location is telegraphed by dark black circles
  • Players within 6 yards of a Fel Hellstorm impact will take heavy Fire damage
  • Players should move out of the Fel Hellstorm indicators quickly to reduce the amount of raid damage taken
  • This mechanic is likely to deal moderate raid damage; healers can consider using raid cooldowns to heal through it
Approximately every 50 seconds, Mannoroth will channel Felseeker. This spell will pulse three times, its radius growing with each pulse; these pulses deal damage to players in the area of effect and will knock those players back.
  • Initially, Felseeker will deal moderate damage to players within 10 yards of its location
  • The second pulse of Felseeker deals heavier damage to players within 20 yards of its location
  • The third pulse of Felseeker deals heavy damage to players within 30 yards of its location
  • Players must react quickly to move out of the telegraphed Felseeker radius before taking damage
  • Movement speed-increasing effects like Stampeding Roar are useful for helping the raid avoid the final, highly damaging pulse of Felseeker
Mannoroth begins this phase at 60 Energy, and will slowly gain Energy as he fights. When his Energy bar is full, he will spend all of his Energy on Mannoroth's Gaze.
  • Mannoroth's Gaze selects three players at random and Horrifies them, causing them to run mindlessly for 4 seconds
  • When this effect is removed or expires, Mannoroth's Gaze deals heavy damage to its target, split by all players within 8 yards
  • One or two additional players to soak each Mannoroth's Gazeshould be sufficient, especially if the soakers have personal cooldowns to use
  • As this is a Shadow-school Horrify effect, it cannot be removed by dispels, Mass Dispel, or (Spell #8143), and it cannot be prevented by Fear Ward
  • However, immunities that can be used to remove debuffs, such as Divine Shield and Cloak of Shadows, can remove the Mannoroth's Gaze debuff
  • Note that doing so will instantly inflict the Mannoroth's Gaze damage
  • Other immunities will break the player free from the Horrify effect, but the Mannoroth's Gaze damage will still occur at the end of the debuff

While the first Mannoroth's Gaze will occur early after the phase transition, subsequent Mannoroth's Gaze casts will occur every 45 seconds.

The raid should assign players with strong mobility and abundant personal damage-reduction cooldowns to help split the Mannoroth's Gaze damage from the affected players. Since it is random who is targeted, assign a few back-up players in case the assigned soakers get the debuff.

Phase 2 will end when Mannoroth reaches 65% health.

Phase 3: True Power

At the start of this phase, Gul'dan will destroy the purple Fel Spire, and will grant Mannoroth an additional ability. The destruction of the purple Fel Spire removes Fel Imps from the encounter; however, Dread Infernals will continue to spawn, using the same abilities they had in Phases 1 and 2.

Mannoroth will retain the Glaive Combo, Fel Hellstorm, Felseeker, and Mannoroth's Gaze effects from Phase 3, but will gain a new ability: Shadowforce.
  • Mannoroth chooses three random players and afflicts them with Shadowforce, repelling the players away from him
  • The speed at which players are pushed away from Mannoroth will increase over time
  • The affected players must push back against the Shadowforce by running forward, and can steer themselves with strafe keys, to avoid being pushed off the platform
  • When Shadowforce expires, the affected players are briefly buffed with Lingering Forces, gaining 300% movement speed for 1.5 seconds
  • Players should use this to return to combat range with Mannoroth, but be careful not to run off the platform!

Shadowforce deals light damage each second to the players affected, so healers should try to place HoT effects on the targets before they are out of range.

Phase 3 will end when Mannoroth reaches 35% health.


At the start of this phase, Gul'dan will destroy the remaining green Fel Spire, empowering all of Mannoroth's abilities. The destruction of the green Fel Spire removes Dread Infernals from the encounter; there will be no more adds for players to contend with.
With the green Fel Spire no longer present to catch tanks from the Massive Blast knockback, tanks will have to spin Mannoroth around to face the center of the encounter area.
  • Empowered Glaive Combo causes both Glaive Thrust and Massive Blast to deal additional damage and have additional properties
  • Empowered Glaive Thrust will deal its damage to all players in front of the boss, so the second tank should step aside
  • Empowered Massive Blast will knock the tank back a long distance, so the tanks must position themselves to be knocked back along the central axis of the platform
  • Additionally, Empowered Massive Blast will create three Empowered Massive Blast Waveprojectiles that will deal heavy damage to players in their path
  • Non-tanks must not move in front of Mannoroth during Empowered Glaive Combo
Empowered Fel Hellstorm will be cast at the start of the phase, and will continue to rain on players for the rest of the fight. Over time, the damage from Empowered Fel Hellstorm will increase, creating a soft enrage for this phase. Players must defeat Mannoroth before it becomes too difficult to survive an accidental hit.

Empowered Felseeker will now deal its damage to all players, but the damage is moderated by their distance from the Felseeker effect. Players inside the effect will take full damage. When the first targeting circle for Empowered Felseekerforms, players should start running away, and continue to run far past the edge of the graphic. This will reduce the amount of damage taken from all three pulses of the spell.

Empowered Shadowforce will now affect every player in the raid, rather than three players.

Empowered Mannoroth's Gaze gains a new mechanic: Gazing Shadows. A pool of Gazing Shadows forms at the feet of each Empowered Mannoroth's Gaze target when the debuff expires.
  • Gazing Shadows deals moderate periodic Shadow damage to players in its area of effect, and reduces movement speed by 50%
  • The size of the Gazing Shadows patches depends on the number of players who helped to soak the damage when Empowered Mannoroth's Gaze expired
  • More players soaking creates a larger Gazing Shadows; 4+ players in a single Empowered Mannoroth's Gaze can create a Gazing Shadows large enough to cover nearly half the platform
  • Just before Empowered Mannoroth's Gaze is cast, players should spread out slightly so that the three targets are less likely to all run in the same direction and all count toward each other's Gazing Shadows

The ideal plan for Empowered Mannoroth's Gaze is to have the three targets run in the same general direction, but to avoid having their circles overlapping when the effect expires. Then, one other player should follow each Empowered Mannoroth's Gaze target, splitting the damage, creating three 2-player patches. If a player with Empowered Mannoroth's Gaze happens to have an immunity available, they can solo-soak their Empowered Mannoroth's Gaze, and create a very small patch of Gazing Shadows.

The general strategy for Phase 4 is no different from Phase 3, other than the additional positioning constraints imposed by the loss of the Fel Spire and the addition of Gazing Shadows. Players should stay mostly stacked, to the boss's side, and angle themselves such that Empowered Shadowforce will push them across the center of the platform rather than off the edge.

Because this is the most dangerous phase, Bloodlust/ Heroism/ Time Warp should be used here, after players have returned from the first Empowered Shadowforce.