Master Of Isle Of Conquest

Just offshore of the immense Icecrown Glacier, crawling with frozen dead and coated in ice cracking under the wheels of invading siege engines, lies an oil-rich island. It¡¯s strategically perfect ¨C a quick trip by boat to the greatest point of conflict in Northrend.

The elite among Horde and Alliance armies ¨C the Kor¡¯kron Guard and the 7th Legion ¨C have arrived on the isle in force, and put down roots. Smiths and machinists have begun their work, turning this nameless landmass¡¯s natural resources into smoke and steel. Highly secure keeps, exited only through mage portals, allow the generals of each faction to issue commands to their armies without leaving the safety of their fortresses.

The engines of war are churning. All that remains is for two heavily armed forces to agree about the territory lines.

The Isle of Conquest is a 80-person (40 per team) battleground. Introduced with Patch 3.2.0, it is available only to characters in the 75-100 level range.

Primary Objectives

Like Alterac Valley, this battleground can be won either by defeating the opposing general, or through attrition (loss of reinforcements).

Secondary Objectives

There are 5 separate capturable locations, each of which provides a separate benefit to the side that holds it. Capture of an objective is a simple channeled, interruptable effect.

The Refinery
Located on the northwestern end of the island, this smudge in the Frozen Sea produces enough black gold to run a thousand siege engines. Taking this resource gives 15% siege weapon increase, garners precious reinforcements and a continuous flow of honor to the side that controls it.
The Quarry
This snow-covered assembly, located on the southeastern end of the island, hides untapped supplies that must be harvested. Taking this resource grants 15% siege increase, and a continuous flow of reinforcements and honor to the side that controls it.
The Docks
The western shore's docks will further expand your selection of siege weapons with the devastating new Glaive Thrower and the Catapult. Unleash the destruction of the Glaive Thrower upon the walls of the keep with its incredible range, or launch your invading party over the walls to assault the keep from within. It's worth noting the Horde can place Glaive Throwers on a peninsula to the West of the Alliance castle and hit their Western gate out of range of the defending cannons.
The Hangar
This sturdy steel structure stands on the peak of Mt. Conquest overlooking the eastern side of the island, allowing players to board the airship docked there. This devastating weapon of war is capable of raining death upon the heads of your enemies and destroying enemy defenses. Once on board the airship, players will find it comes equipped with parachutes enabling a strike team to drop into the enemy keep from above.
The Workshop
Situated right between the Alliance base and the Horde base, this siege workshop occupies a strategic hot spot. Seizing it grants the controlling party the ability to utilize an arsenal of siege vehicles perfectly suited to reducing the enemy keep's walls to dust and ashes.
There are five graveyards in the Isle of Conquest that are attached to different points of interest on the map: the Horde base, the Alliance base, an oil spill island in the center of the map (attached to the siege workshop), the Airship Hanger, and the Docks.
Two additional graveyards of last resort, used only when a faction does not have full control of any of the five primary graveyards, can be found on the northeast and southwest corners of the map, for the Horde and Alliance respectively. These two graveyards cannot be captured by the opposing faction.