Master Of Silkweave

While Tytallo is busy exacting withered genocide, it falls on me to take care of the more mundane aspects of training.

We're going to need to see how talented you are.

Craft an entire set of silkweave armor for me. Leyweaver Mithrogane can provide you with a proper mannequin for displaying it.


If you wish to learn what we're about to teach you, you need a solid foundation.


Your stitching is still a little rough, but you've already mastered all of the basics.

Well done.

I don't say that very often. Savor it.


  • 16,450 XP
Quick Facts
  • Level: 110
  • Requires level 110
  • Side: Both
  • Profession: Tailoring
  • Start: Leyweaver Inondra
  • End: Leyweaver Inondra
  • Sharable
  • Added in patch


Relevant Locations

This quest starts and ends in Suramar.


My thoughts on tailoring quest chain

1. So long and boring 
2. if you bought rank 2 recipe's you dont benefit from half the chain. 
3a. why allow us to buy the recipe if its part of the quest.
3b. and why dosent it automaticly skip to the point in chain quest where we can actualy learn something rather then let us waist materials, gold, and time for "NOTHING"
4. Master of Silkweave, great quest if it wasent because it actualy consumed crafted gear equiped. 

spend past 3-4 hours to only spend about 200 cloth on nothing, do [email protected]#$ ton of quest i didnt give a single %^-* about, lose items while do quest. and im left with absolutely nothing. 

and sure next few quest in the chain last 8 quest ill get some recipe? but is it even much better then normal dungeon loot?

seriously is it a joke?, blizzard isent some indie dev team is it?. maybe if all beta testers did other things then just have fun in pvp and dungeons etc and cared to report isue's and give feedback we wouldn be here shortly after launch of the expansion and think damn this game sucks [email protected]#, is it to late for that refound? not exactly what i want to feel less then a week after buying a game.

i mean come on the game is not cheap at all in any ways quality have drop to level of many free to play games beside the graphics.

31 quest done first real recipe achieved, now fun part i need dust from enchant and scales from skinning. 

seriously need assistant from 2 other professions to make my own gear im blow away by this stupid system i mean fur? maybe scales dosent even make sense one bit?

this is just being lame towards players that want to grind there things that dosent want to feel presured to go to Auction house and buy other players items.

I think it's fun.

There just that I got annoyed-a-ton when I was asked to collect a set of items in the shop whish I could not find. I've got a long history with WoW and for the past +10 years when a quest ask me to find something I immediatly figure there's going to be sparkley stars arround something I have to click.

I spent 10 minutes looking for the [item=127681].

So angry when I finally got my hands on them.

Personally, I didn't mind the long quest chain and i didn't find it boring because it was something different. However, after having done this, I was utterly disappointed to find out that still i am missing many recipes that i have to buy from various NPCs around. In addition, the quality of the items you can craft is underwhelming for the amount of time and materials required. 

Professions is something i really enjoy - one of the reasons i play lots of alts- but once again i think they missed the point. Crafting becomes meaningful only if the end result justifies the effort. And in Legion so far it doesn't, world quests and dungeons offer you much more and better gear already with minimal effort. 

Even though i find professions in a much better place compared to wod i am afraid still the system is far from being good.