Legion Neltharion¡¯s Lair Location & Bosses

Neltharion¡¯s Lair

Minimum Level: 98
Location: Highmountain
Bosses: 4

Located within Highmountain Neltharion¡¯s Lair takes you into the craggy depths of what was once Deathwing¡¯s lair.

Developer Insights: When setting out to build this dungeon, our brainstorming revolved around two pillars: this massive cavern complex used to be the home of the Earth Warder Neltharion, and thus needed a truly massive scale; we also wanted to showcase the culture of the drogbar, the primary antagonists in Highmountain, hinting at a sprawling civilization with far more sophistication than players might have realized. These twin goals led us to include vast amounts of unplayable space along the outskirts of the main player path through the dungeon, with dwellings carved into the cavern walls and massive waterwheels harnessing the power of the rapids that churn their way through the Lair. Speaking of which, those rapids also provided a natural solution to the question of how to move players quickly through the vast space we¡¯d created!

Rokmora: Ularogg Cragshaper¡¯s unfinished masterpiece, Rokmora,is a massive crystal fury constructed to annihilate all who stand against the Underking. The wild magic used to create this behemoth has yet to take hold imbuing any piece of Rokmora, attached or not, with Ularogg¡¯s malevolent will to crush his enemies.

Ularogg Cragshaper: Ularogg Cragshaper, is an ancient drogbar who has committed his life to the pursuit of power. Through violence and deception, Ularogg rose to become the Underking¡¯s trusted advisor. He detests Navarogg for bringing ¡°intruders¡± into their home and will take pleasure in bringing about their violent end.

Naraxas: Naraxas, mother of monsters, has been worshipped by the drogbar since the Age of Neltharion. Constant sacrifices are made to this creature so she can nurture the generations of horrors the drogbar use against their enemies. One way or another, you must make it past this beast and strike at the Underking before this terror is unleased on Highmountain.

Dargrul the Underking: Dargrul is the most powerful Underking since the age of Neltharion. Certain that only he has the right to wield the power of Khaz¡¯goroth, Dargul murdered High Chieftain Ulan and seized the artifact from the Highmountain tauren. Now, he uses the Hammer¡¯s power to devastate the region and any who oppose him.