Making it easier to play with friends in Legion

The upcoming Legion expansion introduces a number of substantial changes to Warcraft in-game systems, with an eye toward making it more fun to play ¡ª and easier to play with buddies who don¡¯t have an identical schedule.

¡°One of the big things about that is the player agency we give to players to choose,¡± Brack said. One of those systems is a dynamic level system, where to players, monsters in the game¡¯s zones appear to be the same level as their characters. That allows players to more easily group with friends who aren¡¯t the same level they are.

That¡¯ll give Legion players five zones to choose from, essentially, allowing players to join their friends at any point in the leveling process.

¡°It doesn¡¯t matter if their friend is a different level, they can group together and make progress,¡± Brack said. ¡°If we do our job right, you really shouldn¡¯t notice. We¡¯ll decide the mobs that you do the right damage to, that are the right strength for you, and the mobs that are the right strength and the right damage for (your friend) ¡ª irrespective of what their actual levels are.

¡°He will see it at his level, and you will see it at your level.¡±

The idea came from the pre-expansion events the company was planning for Legion, he said. They wanted players at all levels to be able to fight in the demon invasions that form the core of the pre-expansion festivities, but they didn¡¯t want lower level players to be annihilated by high-level enemies.

¡°We¡¯re doing some work because we want this to feel cool for level 1 people as well as level 100 people,¡± he said. ¡°We did some work and said hey, we think we can extend this to a little bit further on. That was the original genesis of that idea.¡±