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The Scarlet Halls is a dungeon wing (level 28+ and level 90 Heroic mode) of the re-introduced Scarlet Monastery in the Mists of Pandaria expansion. It replaces what were previously two wings, the "Armory" and the "Library". The Scarlet Monastery is a complex of two wings (previously four), each aninstanced dungeon, for both Horde and Alliance characters.


Scarlet Monastery, Tirisfal Glades



End boss

Flameweaver Koegler

Instance info


Minimum level

21 (90 Heroic)

Player limit



Houndmaster Braun
Armsmaster Harlan
Flameweaver Koegler



Dungeon denizens

Location Mobs NPCs
Halls interior
  • Angry Hound
  • Starving Hound
  • Vigilant Watchman
  • Hooded Crusader
Training Grounds
  • Commander Lindon
  • Master Archer
  • Starving Hound
  • Vigilant Watchman
Huntsman's Cloister
  • Houndmaster Braun
    • Obedient Hound
  • Angry Hound
  • Scarlet Guardian
  • Sergeant Verdone
  • Starving Hound
  • Vigilant Watchman
Footman's Armory
  • Scarlet Cannoneer
  • Scarlet Defender
  • Scarlet Evangelist
  • Scarlet Evoker
  • Scarlet Myrmidon
  • Scarlet Scourge Hewer
Hall of Champions
  • Armsmaster Harlan
    • Scarlet Defender
  • Scarlet Defender
  • Scarlet Evangelist
  • Scarlet Evoker
  • Scarlet Myrmidon
  • Scarlet Scourge Hewer
Gallery of Treasures
  • Scarlet Hall Guardian
  • Scarlet Treasurer
  • Flameweaver Koegler
  • Scarlet Pupil
  • Scarlet Scholar


Boss Item Type
Normal Heroic
Houndmaster Braun [Houndmaster's Compound Crossbow] [Houndmaster's Compound Crossbow] Crossbow
[Canine Commander's Breastplate] [Canine Commander's Breastplate] Tank plate chest
[Commanding Bracers] [Commanding Bracers] DPS plate bracers
[Hound Trainer's Gloves] [Hound Trainer's Gloves] Agility leather gloves
[Beastbinder Ring] [Beastbinder Ring] Spirit ring
Armsmaster Harlan [The Gleaming Ravager] [The Gleaming Ravager] Strength two-handed axe
[Armsmaster's Sealed Locket] [Armsmaster's Sealed Locket] Tank necklace
[Harlan's Shoulders] [Harlan's Shoulders] Agility mail shoulders
[Lightblade Bracer] [Lightblade Bracer] Agility leather bracers
[Scarlet Sandals] [Scarlet Sandals] DPS cloth boots
Flameweaver Koegler [Mograine's Immaculate Might] [Mograine's Immaculate Might] Strength two-handed mace
[Melted Hypnotic Blade] [Melted Hypnotic Blade] Caster dagger
[Koegler's Ritual Knife] [Koegler's Ritual Knife] Agility dagger
[Scorched Scarlet Key] [Scorched Scarlet Key] Agility necklace
[Temperature-Sensing Necklace] [Temperature-Sensing Necklace] Caster necklace
[Robes of Koegler] [Robes of Koegler] DPS cloth chest
[Vellum-Ripper Gloves] [Vellum-Ripper Gloves] Spirit leather gloves
[Bindburner Belt] [Bindburner Belt] Agility mail belt
[Bradbury's Entropic Legguards] [Bradbury's Entropic Legguards] Spirit mail leggings
[Pyretic Legguards] [Pyretic Legguards] DPS plate leggings
[Vithrak, Gaze of the Deadman] Caster ring


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