Scarlet Monastery Location:How To Get To Scarlet Monastery

The Scarlet Monastery is located in Tirisfal Glades. Revamped in Mists of Pandaria to replace the Graveyard and Cathedral wings of the old Scarlet Monastery, the dungeon now includes a level 90 Heroic mode with three boss encounters. The monastery is one of the strongholds of the Scarlet Crusade, a group of maddened zealots so dedicated to the defeat of all undead that they frequently attack everyone - even the living.

Location Whispering Gardens, Tirisfal Glades
Race(s) Human
End boss High Inquisitor Whitemane(Cathedral)
Thalnos the Soulrender¦Ø (Graveyard)
Instance info
Type Low-level normal, Heroic
Advised level Graveyard: 30-32, 90
Cathedral: 32-33, 90
Minimum level 23 (28), 90
Player limit 5

The Scarlet Monastery is one of four strongholds in the world belonging to the fanatical Scarlet Crusade, the others being the Scarlet Bastion within the ruins of Stratholme, the town of Hearthglen, and the town of Tyr's Hand. Located in the northeast corner of the blighted Tirisfal Glades, the Scarlet Monastery was once a cathedral to the Light, now taken over by zealots. The Scarlet Monastery is a complex of four wings, each an instanced dungeon, for both Horde and Alliance characters. The mobs respawn at the same rate in each of them, except for the Cathedral.

All of the instanced wings of the Scarlet Monastery are stored on the same map. That means, if you could fly, you can enter the Cathedral, fly, and end up in the Graveyard wing.