Shadowfang Keep Entrance Location

Shadowfang Keep is a haunted keep near the borders of Gilneas in southern Silverpine Forest [45, 68], on a high bluff overlooking Pyrewood Village. It is named for the forces of its former master,[1] the demented Archmage Arugal, who wrested the keep from Baron Silverlaine with his worgen "children" and held it until he was defeated by a group of heroes. The keep is now occupied by the Scourge remnants and followers of renegade Gilnean nobleman Vincent Godfrey, traitor to both his homeland and to the Forsaken who returned him from death.

Ashra Valandril was present to take care of the bosses of this dungeon.


Silverpine Forest[45, 68]



End boss

Lord Godfrey

Instance info


Advised level

16 - 26 (normal)
85 (heroic)

Player limit


Shadowfang Keep, once the castle and home of Baron Silverlaine, fell prey to the mad Archmage Arugal and his pet worgen. After Arugal himself was defeated by agents of the Horde, the keep was abandoned--temporarily. Lord Godfrey, a traitor to both Gilneans and Forsaken, now resides there accompanied by his lackeys and the spirits of the dead.

Quick Facts
  • Level: 18 - 21
  • Required levels: 11, 16
  • Required item level: 329
  • Territory: Horde
  • Instance type: Dungeon
  • Heroic mode available (85)
  • Number of players: 5
  • Location: Silverpine Forest
  • Final boss: Lord Godfrey


  • Baron Ashbury ¨C Slain by worgen and raised into undeath by the Forsaken, the traitor Baron Ashbury toys with his foes, keeping them alive so he can inflict maximum pain and suffering.
  • Baron Silverlaine ¨C Baron Silverlaine was master of the keep before it fell to Arugal's worgen. Now his cursed spirit calls upon the very wolf-beasts that slaughtered him to punish further trespassers into his home.
  • Commander Springvale ¨C A loyal soldier, the ghost of Commander Springvale haunts the council room, using unholy strikes to avenge his lord, Baron Silverlaine.
  • Lord Walden ¨C Godfrey's right-hand man, the arrogant Lord Walden vowed to pay any price, including death, to serve his compatriot. Now among the undead, Walden intends to keep his word, attacking adversaries with ice and venom.
  • Lord Godfrey ¨C Drawing from his past as a Gilnean noble and Forsaken agent, the cunning and resourceful Lord Godfrey wields dual pistols and commands relentless flesh-eating ghouls.



SFK is one of the first instances players will step into. The mobs within are entirely undead, as the worgen mobs have long since disappeared with the death of Archmage Arugal.


SFK was the first vaguely challenging instance that players were likely to encounter. In addition to the volume of mobs present, several of the mobs here cast various curses, nearly every type of Worgen had some sort of special ability (active or passive) that affected a group's ability to deal with them, and the undead humans made use of Silence, which meant that a tank could be caught without healing in some fights if the healer(s) got hit with it.

For the level, the loot here is highly desirable, with a few different items that can sell well via the twink market. Several bind-on-pickup blue items are also to be found here, primarily for Mages and Warriors in particular. Although the level is still low enough that cash isn't hugely abundant, there is still some silver dropped.