Silvershard Mines Location:how to get to Silvershard Mines

The Silvershard Mines is a new battleground introduced with Mists of Pandaria that occurs in a goblin mine below Northern Stranglethorn.

Location Northern Stranglethorn
Race(s) Goblin
Battleground info
Advised level 90 (Level cap)
Minimum level 90
Player limit 10

Diamonds! Stranglethorn Vale¡¯s Silvershard mines are full of the gleaming gems, and, while they¡¯re pretty to look at, they¡¯re far more important for what they can buy: new blades, ballistae and battle-gear for the soldiers of the Alliance and Horde. Neither faction wants its opposition digging up diamonds ¨C not when the other option is to spill their enemies¡¯ blood on the rocks and make off with the loot in Venture co. mine carts!

  • Resource Race
  • Stranglethorn Vale, Eastern Kingdoms
  • 90
  • 10
  • The team that is the fastest to gather 1600 resources wins!

Play Overview

Silvershard Mines is the site of a race for resources between two teams, one Alliance and one Horde. Each faction escorts mine carts filled with Silvershard diamonds ¨C and the carts (self-propelled through goblin engineering) just keep on coming.

Carts under your control provide your team with an ongoing trickle of resources. When they reach the mine depot at the end of their track, they provide a huge volume of resources to the team that ¡®captures¡¯ them.

To seize the most diamonds for your faction, you¡¯ll need to keep mine carts under your control, defend them from the enemy faction, and ensure that you try to break your enemies¡¯ control on ¡®their¡¯ carts.

Be the first team to reach their diamond quota!

How to Win

A Silvershard Mines battleground ends in only one way:
Resource Victory ¨C The first team to acquire 1600 resources is the winner!