Socrethar Notable Trash Mobs

The trash in the Halls of the Sargerei is very powerful, and players should pull carefully. Crowd control may be desirable in the early packs to reduce damage, as some of the enemies cast very powerful debuffs on players that can kill nearly instantly if an unlucky player receives two stacks.
  • Sargerei Enforcers are trivial mobs that deal melee damage and occasionally damage a random player with Hammer Throw
  • Sargerei Soul Cleavers cast Devouring Spirit on random players, which deals extreme damage and must be dispelled quickly; especially so if one player gets two stacks
  • Soul Cleavers also attack tanks with Rip Soul, and cast Soul Eruption, dealing heavy damage to players who do not move out of its effect
  • Sargerei Adjutants defend themselves and their allies with Unstable Shell, which if DPSed through will detonate to deal heavy Unstable Explosiondamage to players within 10 yards
  • Adjutants also cast Consuming Pain on random players, which deals moderate damage every seconds; while it can be dispelled, the Soul Cleavers' Devouring Spirit is more important
  • Sargerei Bannerman adds will Shockwave players in front of them, stunning them for 4 seconds

The Sargerei Soul Cleavers and the Sargerei Adjutants should be CCed, as their damage output is very high. This is particularly true in small raid groups where Devouring Spirit and Consuming Pain are likely to stack.

Also in these Halls, players will fight two Construct Peacekeepers. These enemies have high health and should be fought alone. The Constructs have three Protocols they use to enforce the peace.

  • Protocol: Destruction deals moderate Fire damage to all players at the end of its cast
  • When Protocol: Peacemaker finishes casting, the Construct's eyes emit dual laser beams that will deal extremely heavy damage to players caught in them
  • The Construct Peacekeeper will rapidly spin 180 degrees while emitting these laser beams, so while the effect is casting, players should quickly get behind the Construct and move as it spins
  • Protocol: Crowd Control will deal moderate damage and disorient all players who are facing the Construct when the cast ends
  • Players should turn their backs to the Construct as the Protocol: Crowd Control cast is completing

The entrance to Socrethar's room is guarded by Korvos, a large demon who will leech health from players in front of him with Vampiric Cleave, and who will summon Carrion Swarms on players' current positions. Players should move out of the Carrion Swarm and use targeted abilities to kill them. Melee DPS should take care to avoid standing in front of Korvos so they do not contribute to Korvos' healing via Vampiric Cleave.

Korvos also casts Torpor on random targets, putting them to sleep. If this is removed by dispels, players within 6 yards of the original target will also be affected. The raid should spread out before healers dispel Torpor.

In Socrethar's room, players will encounter four trash mobs that are channeling a spell on the Soul of Socrethar, who is floating high above the Soulbound Construct.

  • Binder Eloah must be tanked, and will attack the tank with Sever Soul; tanks must swap tanking duties after each Sever Soul to avoid instant death
  • Binder Hallaani will target random players with Soulsear; the affected player should move out of the raid
  • Mystic Aaran casts Soulbane on random players; the effect stacks and must be dispelled to reset the stacks before the damage becomes fatal
  • Mystic Velruun teleports to a random player to cast Soulblaze, a cone attack that deals moderate damage each second to players within its area of effect
Only Binder Eloah must be tanked; he is in the back left of the room as players enter. Kill Eloah first, then Velruun, then Hallaani, and finally Aaran.

After all four of these casters have been killed, the Soulbound Construct becomes active and players can begin the Socrethar encounter.