Socrethar the Eternal Strategy Summary

In Phase 1, players should focus on destroying the Soulbound Construct as quickly as possible while avoiding cluttering the center of the room with Fel Prisons and Felblaze Residue.
  • Pull the Soulbound Construct closer to one end of the room and move gradually toward the center as Fel Prisons and Felblaze Residue obstacles accumulate
  • The raid should stack up in Reverberating Blow to ensure that Shattered Defenses stacks are evenly split and do not all fall on the tank
  • Non-tank players who receive the Shattered Defenses buff should move away from the raid, to a designated location
  • Once a player's Shattered Defenses buff wears off, the player should run back to the stack point to be available for the next Reverberating Blow
  • If your raid has more than 9 ranged DPS and healers, the melee DPS and off-tank can stay behind the Construct and will not have to soak Reverberating Blow
  • Place Felblaze Residue toward the outer edges of the room by running toward a wall when targeted by Felblaze Charge
  • Avoid detonating Volatile Fel Orbs on the stack point
During Phase 2, players should prioritize the adds over the Soul of Socrethar, as the player-controlled Soulbound Construct will deal the bulk of the damage to the boss.
  • One tank will control the Construct while the other tank picks up Socrethar and the Sargerei Dominators
  • The raid must interrupt as many of Socrethar's Exert Dominance casts as possible; the goal is to avoid transitioning back into Phase 1
  • Save DPS cooldowns and resources for the Sargerei Dominators, and kill them quickly to reduce the amount of time Socrethar is affected by Fel Barrier
  • Ranged DPS and healers should stack up unless affected by Gift of the Man'ari, so that all the Haunting Souls will travel in the same path
  • Ranged DPS should focus on killing the Sargerei Shadowcallers and cleaning up the Haunting Souls if they get too close to the raid
  • The Soulbound Construct pilot must use the Construct's abilities to assist the raid in managing the large number of adds
  • Reverberating Blow/ Shattered Defenses should be cast on the Soul of Socrethar as frequently as possible
Before initiating the encounter, the raid should assign an interrupt rotation with backups for Exert Dominance casts.

There appears to be an enrage mechanic that begins 10:41 into the fight; the Soulbound Construct will gain Unbounded Power, inflicting heavy Fire damage to all players every second. Each time a player takes damage from this effect, they gain a stack of Unbounded Power, causing the next pulse to deal 100% additional damage. This appears to occur whether the Soulbound Construct is friendly or hostile to players, and will quickly wipe the raid.
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Tank Responsibilities

Move the Construct away from spawning Fel Prisons
  • Face the Soulbound Construct toward the raid to split the Shattered Defenses stacks with raid members
  • The off-tank must stay behind the Soulbound Construct to avoid taking Shattered Defenses stacks too early, and taunt after the current tank reaches 3 stacks of Shattered Defenses
  • Move the Soulbound Construct away from Felblaze Residue or Fel Prisons
  • Use a moderate survivability CD for the second Reverberating Blow, and a strong one for the third Reverberating Blow
  • At the start of Phase 2, one tank should enter the Soulbound Construct, and the other tank should pick up the Soul of Socrethar
  • Interrupt Exert Dominance and drag the Soul of Socrethar to the red portal
  • Taunt the Sargerei Dominator when he spawns

Felblaze Residue for Soul control

Soulbound Construct Responsibilities

  • One tank should enter the Soulbound Construct at the start of Phase 2
  • Use Felblaze Charge as soon as possible to create a line of Felblaze Residue from the raid's position to the blue portal, then drop a Fel Prison just in front of the blue portal
  • Use Volatile Fel Orb on the Sargerei Dominator and the Sargerei Shadowcallers
  • Continue to keep the blue portal supplied with fresh Fel Prisons and Felblaze Residue
  • Remember that the blue and purple portals will swap positions on occasion
  • Cast Reverberating Blow on the Sargerei Dominator - be sure it is available the instant the Dominator spawns, for quick damage - and the Soul of Socrethar
  • Whenever possible, melee the Soul of Socrethar
  • Stay away from the Haunting Souls to avoid taking Soul Dispersion damage

Damage-Dealer Responsibilities

Move away with Gift of the Man'ari
  • Stack in front of the Soulbound Construct to split the Shattered Defenses debuff, and run out of the group once you have gained a stack of Shattered Defenses
  • If targeted by Volatile Fel Orb, move away from other players and detonate the Orb by intercepting its path
  • If targeted by Felblaze Charge, run so that the line of Felblaze Residue will not impede the raid's movement
  • Move out of the large swirly green effect before the Fel Prison spawns
  • If a player is trapped in a Fel Prison, DPS the Crystalline Fel Prison to free them
  • During Phase 2, save cooldowns and resources to burn the Sargerei Dominators quickly
  • Interrupt the Soul of Socrethar's Exert Dominance as much as possible
  • If affected by Gift of the Man'ari, move away from the raid to avoid splashing damage onto other players
  • If targeted by the Haunting Souls' Ghastly Fixation, kite the Souls over Felblaze Residue patches to slow them
  • Prioritize the Sargerei Dominator and Shadowcallers over Socrethar, but only kill Haunting Souls if they get too close to the raid

Healer Responsibilities

Overwhelming Power:
Heal players with
this debuff
during Phase 1
  • During Phase 1, use minor raid CDs to heal through Reverberating Blow damage
  • Players affected by Overwhelming Power will need additional single-target healing
  • Use external CDs on the tanks for their 2nd and 3rd Reverberating Blow soaks
  • During Phase 2, the Soulbound Construct cannot be healed
  • Use raid CDs to heal through the Soul of Socrethar's Apocalypse
  • Players affected by Gift of the Man'ari will require additional single-target healing
  • Dispel Shadow Word: Agony as often as possible
  • If affected by Gift of the Man'ari, move away from the raid to avoid splashing damage onto other players
  • If targeted by the Haunting Souls' Ghastly Fixation, kite the Souls over Felblaze Residue patches to slow them