When to Use Kormrok Legendary Ring Effects

DPS should use the legendary ring with Bloodlust/ Heroism/ Time Warp, and whenever possible to line up the effect with the Grasping Hands/ Dragging Handsmechanics.
  • The adds have very little health and can easily die within the 15-second duration of the ring buff
  • Kormrok's health matters since the Enrage effect is on a timer
  • It is slightly better to use the ring buff to empower your AoE damage on the Hands, and then for the explosion to detonate onto Kormrok
  • This has the effect of translating your raid's efficient AoE into powerful single-target DPS
Healers should use the legendary ring to assist with healing whenever Pound and Grasping Hands/ Dragging Hands overlap, timing the effect so that the absorption shield will protect against whichever mechanic occurs second.

Tanks should use the legendary ring to help mitigate Swat, Explosive Burst, or Foul Crush mechanics, particularly during the Enrage where Kormrok's melee damage becomes more frequent.