Wow Exodar Tabard

Exodar Tabard
Item Level 1
Binds when picked up
Equip: You champion the cause of the Exodar. All reputation gains while in dungeons will be applied to your standing with them.
Sell Price: 2 50

This item will be converted to Silvermoon City Tabard if you transfer to Horde.


The Exodar is divided into four main areas, a large central hall with three major wings. All the wings are connected with smaller hallways as seen on the map.

  • Seat of the Naaru (central hall)
  • The Crystal Hall (northern wing)
  • The Vault of Lights (western wing)
  • Traders' Tier (southern wing)


The draenei and other Alliance players can access the city by using either a spiral ramp that leads to the heart of the Exodar from the main entrance, or another ramp down from the harbor-side entrance that leads into the Vault of Lights.

The main entrance ramp has one extra sub-level where an inn is located. Also, the cooking trainer and supply vendors are located nearby at this small platform.

The harbor side ramp is occasionally used by Horde players that attempt to raid the Exodar.

Points of interest

Following points of interest are found in the Exodar:

  • The bank, located at the Seat of the Naaru
  • An inn, located beyond a small platform along the main entrance spiral
  • An Alliance-linked auction house
  • Four mailboxes - one by the inn, one by the bank, one by the auction house and one by the flight masters outside the city