WoW Gorefiend Loot and Rewards

This loot overview helps you plan out your Seal of Inevitable Fate Bonus Rolls. Check out our Gorefiend database page to filter loot by difficulty as well as by loot specialization.
LFR (685)
  • Cloth: Felfume Pantaloons, Gloves of Great Engorgement
  • Leather: Boisterous Bellower's Hood, Ironpelt Leggings
  • Mail: Bulging Chain Vest, Rancorbite Leggings
  • Plate: Demonbreaker Legplates
  • Neck: none
  • Cape: Greatcloak of the Terrible Feast
  • Ring: none
  • Trinket: Fetid Salivation
  • Weapons: Limbcarver Hatchet, Deserter's Honor, Soulcult Ritual Staff
Normal, Heroic, Mythic (695, 710, 725)
  • Cloth: Cowl of a Thousand Hungers
  • Leather: Chestguard of Gnawing Desire
  • Mail: Mitts of Eternal Famishment
  • Plate: Soulgorged Pauldrons, Ravenous Girdle
  • Neck: Choker of Forbidden Indulgence
  • Cape: Cloak of Insatiable Greed, Drape of Gluttony
  • Ring: Serrated Demontooth Ring
  • Trinket: Unending Hunger
  • Weapons: Spur of the Great Devourer, Voracious Souleater, Gibbering Madness
  • Tier Armor: Legs
Tome of Chaos for the legendary questline can be obtained while on We Don't Need No Library Card.

Well of Souls allows players to kill Normal Gorefiend 4 times for Soul Remnant and unlock Soul Conduit--a teleport to the upper level bosses in Hellfire Citadel. There are also Heroic and Mythic versions of the quest available.

Each Hellfire Citadel boss has a unique achievement that counts towards Glory of the Hellfire Raider. This rewards Infernal Direwolf. Gorefiend's special achievement is Get In My Belly!.