Wow Icecrown Citadel Loot

Icecrown Citadel dominates Northrend - visible from farther away than nearly any other structure and home to the greatest army of undead in the known world. Inside dwells the Lich King - a tyrant with nearly godlike power over his tireless, seemingly infinite subjects - and the will to bring Azeroth to its knees.

An assault on the mighty citadel is among the most dangerous undertakings in the history of Azeroth - and the most pivotal. The legendary heroes Highlord Tirion Fordring of the Argent Crusade and Highlord Darion Mograine have joined forces to lead the charge through Icecrown's fortified gates, and both the Horde and Alliance have sacrificed lives - indeed, whole battalions - to get this far. They dare not fail. The Lich King's reign must end.

Icecrown Citadel loot

Boss Weapons and Shields Cloth Leather Mail Plate Back Other
Lord Marrowgar [Bone Warden's Splitter]
[The Brokenhammer]
[Citadel Enforcer's Claymore]
[Frost Needle]
[Cord of the Patronizing Practitioner] [Coldwraith Bracers]
[Linked Scourge Vertebrae]
[Ancient Skeletal Boots]
[Corrupted Silverplate Leggings]
[Shawl of Nerubian Silk] [Marrowgar's Scratching Choker]
[Sliver of Pure Ice]
Lady Deathwhisper [Njorndar Bone Bow] [Bracers of Dark Blessings]
[Sister's Handshrouds]
[Soulthief's Braided Belt]
[Boots of the Frozen Seed]
[Chestguard of the Frigid Noose]
[Deathspeaker Disciple's Belt]
[Handgrips of Frost and Sleet]
[Deathspeaker Zealot's Helm]
[Ghoul Commander's Cuirass]
[Scourgelord's Baton]
[Whispering Fanged Skull]
Gunship Battle [Frost Giant's Cleaver]
[Midnight Sun]
[Neverending Winter]
[Cord of Dark Suffering] [Ice-Reinforced Vrykul Helm]
[Icecrown Rampart Bracers]
[Pauldrons of Lost Hope]
[Bone Drake's Enameled Boots]
[Bracers of Pale Illumination]
[Saronite Gargoyle Cloak] [Abomination's Bloody Ring]
[Muradin's Spyglass]
Deathbringer Saurfang [Mag'hari Chieftain's Staff]
[Ramaladni's Blade of Culling]
[Icecrown Spire Sandals]
[Thaumaturge's Crackling Cowl]
[Leggings of Unrelenting Blood]
[Scourge Stranglers]
[Hauberk of a Thousand Cuts] [Blade-Scored Carapace]
[Deathforged Legplates]
[Gargoyle Spit Bracers]
[Saurfang's Cold-Forged Band]
[Soulcleave Pendant]
Festergut [Abracadaver]
[Bloodstained Surgeon's Shoulderguards]
[Kilt of Untreated Wounds]
[Plague-Soaked Leather Leggings]
[Wrists of Septic Shock]
[Taldron's Long Neglected Boots] [Festergut's Gaseous Gloves]
[Festering Fingerguards]
[Cloak of Many Skins] [Precious's Putrid Collar]
[Signet of Putrefaction]
Rotface [Abomination Knuckles]
[Gluth's Fetching Knife]
[Shaft of Glacial Ice]
[Ether-Soaked Bracers] [Chestguard of the Failed Experiment]
[Gloves of Broken Fingers]
[Shuffling Shoes]
[Taldron's Short-Sighted Helm]
[Flesh-Shaper's Gurney Strap] [Choker of Filthy Diamonds]
[Rotface's Rupturing Ring]
Professor Putricide [Flesh-Carving Scalpel]
[The Facelifter]
[Cauterized Cord]
[Shoulders of Ruinous Senility]
[Discarded Bag of Entrails] [Rippling Flesh Kilt]
[Shoulderpads of the Morbid Ritual]
[Chestplate of Septic Stitches]
[Scalpel-Sharpening Shoulderguards]
[Infected Choker]
[Pendant of Split Veins]
[Unidentifiable Organ]
Blood Prince Council [Hersir's Greatspear]
[Bloodsoul Raiment]
[Pale Corpse Boots]
[Taldaram's Soft Slippers] [Blood-Drinker's Girdle] [Battle-Maiden's Legguards]
[Spaulders of the Blood Princes]
[Heartsick Mender's Cape] [Cerise Coiled Ring]
[Thrice Fanged Signet]
[Wand of Ruby Claret]
Blood-Queen Lana'thel [Bloodsipper]
[Cowl of Malefic Repose] [Ivory-Inlaid Leggings]
[Shoulderpads of the Searing Kiss]
[Chestguard of Siphoned Elements] [Throatrender Handguards]
[Tightening Waistband]
[Veincrusher Gauntlets]
[Collar of Haughty Disdain]
[Lana'thel's Bloody Nail]
[Seal of the Twilight Queen]
Valithria Dreamwalker [Dreamhunter's Carbine]
[Sister Svalna's Aether Staff]
[Leggings of the Refracted Mind] [Sister Svalna's Spangenhelm]
[Skinned Whelp Shoulders]
[Legguards of the Twisted Dream]
[Stormbringer Gloves]
[Emerald Saint's Spaulders]
[Ironrope Belt of Ymirjar]
[Taiga Bindings]
[Lich Wrappings]
Sindragosa [Bleak Coldarra Carver]
[Lost Pavise of the Blue Flight]
[Robes of Azure Downfall] [Icicle Shapers]
[Vambraces of the Frost Wyrm Queen]
[Shoulderguards of Crystalline Bone]
[Wyrmwing Treads]
[Etched Dragonbone Girdle]
[Legplates of Aetheric Strife]
[Scourge Fanged Stompers]
[Rimetooth Pendant]
Always drops:
[Crystalline Essence of Sindragosa]
The Lich King [Halion, Staff of Forgotten Love]
[Pugius, Fist of Defiance]
[Stormfury, Black Blade of the Betrayer]
[Tainted Twig of Nordrassil]
[Tel'thas, Dagger of the Blood King]
[Troggbane, Axe of the Frostborne King]
[Valius, Gavel of the Lightbringer]
[Warmace of Menethil]
[Windrunner's Heartseeker]
Boss Weapons and Shields Cloth Leather

10-player Heroic

Boss Weapons and Shields Cloth Leather Mail Plate Back Other
Lord Marrowgar [Bone Warden's Splitter (heroic)]
[Bonebreaker Scepter (heroic)]
[Citadel Enforcer's Claymore (heroic)]
[Frost Needle (heroic)]
[Cord of the Patronizing Practitioner (heroic)] [Coldwraith Bracers (heroic)]
[Linked Scourge Vertebrae (heroic)]
[Ancient Skeletal Boots (heroic)]
[Corrupted Silverplate Leggings (heroic)]
[Shawl of Nerubian Silk (heroic)] [Marrowgar's Scratching Choker (heroic)]
[Sliver of Pure Ice (heroic)]
Lady Deathwhisper [Njorndar Bone Bow (heroic)] [Bracers of Dark Blessings (heroic)]
[Sister's Handshrouds (heroic)]
[Soulthief's Braided Belt (heroic)]
[Boots of the Frozen Seed (heroic)]
[Chestguard of the Frigid Noose (heroic)]
[Deathspeaker Disciple's Belt (heroic)]
[Handgrips of Frost and Sleet (heroic)]
[Deathspeaker Zealot's Helm (heroic)]
[Ghoul Commander's Cuirass (heroic)]
[Scourgelord's Baton (heroic)]
[Whispering Fanged Skull (heroic)]
Gunship Battle [Frost Giant's Cleaver (heroic)]
[Midnight Sun (heroic)]
[Neverending Winter (heroic)]
[Cord of Dark Suffering (heroic)] [Ice-Reinforced Vrykul Helm (heroic)]
[Icecrown Rampart Bracers (heroic)]
[Pauldrons of Lost Hope (heroic)]
[Bone Drake's Enameled Boots (heroic)]
[Bracers of Pale Illumination (heroic)]
[Saronite Gargoyle Cloak (heroic)] [Abomination's Bloody Ring (heroic)]
[Muradin's Spyglass (heroic)]
Deathbringer Saurfang [Mag'hari Chieftain's Staff (heroic)]
[Ramaladni's Blade of Culling (heroic)]
[Icecrown Spire Sandals (heroic)]
[Thaumaturge's Crackling Cowl (heroic)]
[Leggings of Unrelenting Blood (heroic)]
[Scourge Stranglers (heroic)]
[Hauberk of a Thousand Cuts (heroic)] [Blade-Scored Carapace (heroic)]
[Deathforged Legplates (heroic)]
[Gargoyle Spit Bracers (heroic)]
[Saurfang's Cold-Forged Band (heroic)]
[Soulcleave Pendant (heroic)]
Also drops 1 of:
[Conqueror's Mark of Sanctification]
[Protector's Mark of Sanctification]
[Vanquisher's Mark of Sanctification]
Festergut [Abracadaver (heroic)]
[Gutbuster (heroic)]
[Bloodstained Surgeon's Shoulderguards (heroic)]
[Kilt of Untreated Wounds (heroic)]
[Plague-Soaked Leather Leggings (heroic)]
[Wrists of Septic Shock (heroic)]
[Taldron's Long Neglected Boots (heroic)] [Festergut's Gaseous Gloves (heroic)]
[Festering Fingerguards (heroic)]
[Cloak of Many Skins (heroic)] [Precious's Putrid Collar (heroic)]
[Signet of Putrefaction (heroic)]
Rotface [Abomination Knuckles (heroic)]
[Gluth's Fetching Knife (heroic)]
[Lockjaw (heroic)]
[Shaft of Glacial Ice (heroic)]
[Ether-Soaked Bracers (heroic)] [Chestguard of the Failed Experiment (heroic)]
[Gloves of Broken Fingers (heroic)]
[Shuffling Shoes (heroic)]
[Taldron's Short-Sighted Helm (heroic)]
[Flesh-Shaper's Gurney Strap (heroic)] [Choker of Filthy Diamonds (heroic)]
[Rotface's Rupturing Ring (heroic)]
Professor Putricide [Flesh-Carving Scalpel (heroic)]
[The Facelifter (heroic)]
[Cauterized Cord (heroic)]
[Shoulders of Ruinous Senility (heroic)]
[Discarded Bag of Entrails (heroic)] [Rippling Flesh Kilt (heroic)]
[Shoulderpads of the Morbid Ritual (heroic)]
[Chestplate of Septic Stitches (heroic)]
[Scalpel-Sharpening Shoulderguards (heroic)]
[Infected Choker (heroic)]
[Pendant of Split Veins (heroic)]
[Unidentifiable Organ (heroic)]
Also drops 1 of:
[Conqueror's Mark of Sanctification]
[Protector's Mark of Sanctification]
[Vanquisher's Mark of Sanctification]
Blood Prince Council [Hersir's Greatspear (heroic)]
[Soulbreaker (heroic)]
[Bloodsoul Raiment (heroic)]
[Pale Corpse Boots (heroic)]
[Taldaram's Soft Slippers (heroic)] [Blood-Drinker's Girdle (heroic)] [Battle-Maiden's Legguards (heroic)]
[Spaulders of the Blood Princes (heroic)]
[Heartsick Mender's Cape (heroic)] [Cerise Coiled Ring (heroic)]
[Thrice Fanged Signet (heroic)]
[Wand of Ruby Claret (heroic)]
Blood-Queen Lana'thel [Bloodsipper (heroic)]
[Stakethrower (heroic)]
[Cowl of Malefic Repose (heroic)] [Ivory-Inlaid Leggings (heroic)]
[Shoulderpads of the Searing Kiss (heroic)]
[Chestguard of Siphoned Elements (heroic)] [Throatrender Handguards (heroic)]
[Tightening Waistband (heroic)]
[Veincrusher Gauntlets (heroic)]
[Collar of Haughty Disdain (heroic)]
[Lana'thel's Bloody Nail (heroic)]
[Seal of the Twilight Queen (heroic)]
Also drops 1 of:
[Conqueror's Mark of Sanctification]
[Protector's Mark of Sanctification]
[Vanquisher's Mark of Sanctification]
Valithria Dreamwalker [Dreamhunter's Carbine (heroic)]
[Oxheart (heroic)]
[Sister Svalna's Aether Staff (heroic)]
[Leggings of the Refracted Mind (heroic)] [Sister Svalna's Spangenhelm (heroic)]
[Skinned Whelp Shoulders (heroic)]
[Legguards of the Twisted Dream (heroic)]
[Stormbringer Gloves (heroic)]
[Emerald Saint's Spaulders (heroic)]
[Ironrope Belt of Ymirjar (heroic)]
[Taiga Bindings (heroic)]
[Lich Wrappings (heroic)]
Sindragosa [Bleak Coldarra Carver (heroic)]
[Lost Pavise of the Blue Flight (heroic)]
[Splintershard (heroic)]
[Robes of Azure Downfall (heroic)] [Icicle Shapers (heroic)]
[Vambraces of the Frost Wyrm Queen (heroic)]
[Shoulderguards of Crystalline Bone (heroic)]
[Wyrmwing Treads (heroic)]
[Etched Dragonbone Girdle (heroic)]
[Legplates of Aetheric Strife (heroic)]
[Scourge Fanged Stompers (heroic)]
[Rimetooth Pendant (heroic)]
Always drops:
[Crystalline Essence of Sindragosa]
Also drops 1 of:
[Conqueror's Mark of Sanctification]
[Protector's Mark of Sanctification]
[Vanquisher's Mark of Sanctification]
The Lich King [Halion, Staff of Forgotten Love (heroic)]
[Pugius, Fist of Defiance (heroic)]
[Stormfury, Black Blade of the Betrayer (heroic)]
[Tainted Twig of Nordrassil (heroic)]
[Tel'thas, Dagger of the Blood King (heroic)]
[Troggbane, Axe of the Frostborne King (heroic)]
[Valius, Gavel of the Lightbringer (heroic)]
[Warmace of Menethil (heroic)]
[Windrunner's Heartseeker (heroic)]
Also drops 1 of:
[Conqueror's Mark of Sanctification]
[Protector's Mark of Sanctification]
[Vanquisher's Mark of Sanctification]
Boss Weapons and Shields Cloth

25-player Normal

Boss Weapons and Shields Cloth Leather Mail Plate Back Other
Lord Marrowgar [Bryntroll, the Bone Arbiter]
[Bulwark of Smouldering Steel]
[Frozen Bonespike]
[Crushing Coldwraith Belt] [Frostbitten Fur Boots]
[Handguards of Winter's Respite]
[Snowserpent Mail Helm] [Bracers of Dark Reckoning]
[Gendarme's Cuirass]
[Legguards of Lost Hope]
[Rusted Bonespike Pauldrons]
[Band of the Bone Colossus]
[Bone Sentinel's Amulet]
[Loop of the Endless Labyrinth]
[Marrowgar's Frigid Eye]
Lady Deathwhisper [Zod's Repeating Longbow]
[Shoulders of Mercy Killing]
[The Lady's Brittle Bracers]
[Cultist's Bloodsoaked Spaulders]
[Deathwhisper Chestpiece]
[Leggings of Northern Lights]
[Necrophotic Greaves]
[Blood-Soaked Saronite Stompers]
[Fallen Lord's Handguards]
[Broken Ram Skull Helm]
[Ring of Maddening Whispers]
[Juggernaut Band]
[Ahn'kahar Onyx Neckguard]
Gunship Battle [Scourgeborne Waraxe] [Corp'rethar Ceremonial Crown]
[Gunship Captain's Mittens]
[Boots of Unnatural Growth]
[Ikfirus's Sack of Wonder]
[Scourge Hunter's Vambraces] [Boneguard Commander's Pauldrons]
[Polar Bear Claw Bracers]
[Waistband of Righteous Fury]
[Shadowvault Slayer's Cloak] [Althor's Abacus]
[Amulet of the Silent Eulogy]
[Corpse Tongue Coin]
[Ring of Rapid Ascent]
[Skeleton Lord's Circle]
Deathbringer Saurfang [Bloodvenom Blade] [Toskk's Maximized Wristguards] [Belt of the Blood Nova] [Greatcloak of the Turned Champion] [Deathbringer's Will]
Festergut [Black Bruise]
[Distant Land]
[Lingering Illness]
[Plaguebringer's Stained Pants]
[Plague Scientist's Boots]
[Gangrenous Leggings] [Carapace of Forgotten Kings]
[Horrific Flesh Epaulets]
[Nerub'ar Stalker's Cord]
[Unclean Surgical Gloves]
[Belt of Broken Bones]
[Faceplate of the Forgotten]
[Fleshrending Gauntlets]
[Might of Blight]
[Holiday's Grace]
Rotface [Corpse-Impaling Spike]
[Rib Spreader]
[Death Surgeon's Sleeves] [Aldriana's Gloves of Secrecy]
[Helm of the Elder Moon]
[Dual-Bladed Pauldrons] [Blightborne Warplate]
[Raging Behemoth's Shoulderplates]
[Rot-Resistant Breastplate]
[Winding Sheet] [Dislodged Foreign Object]
[Seal of Many Mouths]
[Bile-Encrusted Medallion]
Professor Putricide [Last Word]
[Astrylian's Sutured Cinch]
[Professor's Bloodied Smock]
[Tiny Abomination in a Jar]
Blood Prince Council [Keleseth's Seducer]
[Sanguine Silk Robes]
[San'layn Ritualist Gloves]
[Geistlord's Punishment Sack]
[Shoulders of Frost-Tipped Thorns]
[Treads of the Wasteland]
[Mail of Crimson Coins]
[Landsoul's Horned Greathelm]
[Crypt Keeper's Bracers]
[Taldaram's Plated Fists]
[Royal Crimson Cloak] [Valanar's Other Signet Ring]
[Incarnadine Band of Mending]
[Shadow Silk Spindle]
Blood-Queen Lana'thel [Bloodfall]
[Icecrown Glacial Wall]
[Dying Light]
[Lana'thel's Chain of Flagellation]
[Blood Queen's Crimson Choker]
[Bauble of True Blood]
Valithria Dreamwalker [Lungbreaker]
[Nightmare Ender]
[Robe of the Waking Nightmare] [Bracers of Eternal Dreaming] [Anub'ar Stalker's Gloves]
[Snowstorm Helm]
[Scourge Reaver's Legplates]
[Coldwraith Links]
[Boots of the Funeral March]
[Leggings of Dying Candles]
[Grinning Skull Greatboots]
[Frostbinder's Shredded Cape] [Frostbrood Sapphire Ring]
[Devium's Eternally Cold Ring]
[Noose of Malachite]
Sindragosa [Sundial of Eternal Dusk]
[Memory of Malygos]
[Sindragosa's Cruel Claw]
[Phylactery of the Nameless Lich]
[Sindragosa's Flawless Fang]
The Lich King [Glorenzelg, High Blade of the Silver Hand]
Boss Weapons and Shields Cloth Leather Mail

25-player Heroic

Boss Weapons and Shields Cloth Leather Mail Plate Back Other
Lord Marrowgar
Lady Deathwhisper
Gunship Battle
Deathbringer Saurfang
Professor Putricide
Blood Prince Council
Blood-Queen Lana'thel
Valithria Dreamwalker
The Lich King
Boss Weapons and Shields Cloth Leather Mail Plate Back Other

Trash Loot

25 man Type Description Slot
[Rowan's Rifle of Silver Bullets] Gun Tank Ranged
[Belt of the Lonely Noble] Plate Healer Waist
[Leggings of Dubious Charms] Mail Healer Legs
[Stiffened Corpse Shoulderpads] Cloth Caster Shoulders
[Ring of Rotting Sinew] Ring Melee Ring
[Harbinger's Bone Band] Ring Tank Ring
[Wodin's Lucky Necklace] Necklace Melee Neck