WoW Iron Docks Entrance Location

Iron Docks is a new 5-man dungeon in Gorgrond introduced with Warlords of Draenor.

Battles can be won and lost by the power of a naval force. To put a stop to the Iron Horde¡¯s naval powerhouse, you¡¯ll need to venture into this level 92-94 dungeon. This port located in the northern coast of Gorgrond houses the Iron Horde¡¯s shipyard, filled with massive warships and artillery forged and assembled within the Blackrock Foundry. In addition to this seafaring arsenal, elite infantry units are joined by trained beasts to comprise the ground troops.

You¡¯ll encounter four new bosses who you¡¯ll need to put a stop to before their ship has sailed. Beware the Cannon Barrage and the Backdraft. This is one shipyard that¡¯s bound to get explosive.



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These docks were designed by Solog Roark, who also designed the warships that are built here. The massive Iron Horde invasion fleet in Talador came from here at the end of the Gorgrond storyline. When Blackhand was killed in the Blackrock Foundry all remaining Blackrock orcs started using the docks as a evacuation zone into the Tanaan Jungle via the Ironhold Harbor. Gul'dan began using these docks as a recruitment area to persuade the surviving Blackrock orcs to drink the Blood of Mannoroth. Those that refused were seen as traitors to the Iron Horde and imprisoned in a train car awaiting transport. One of the orcs that refused was Solog Roark himself, and as such he was imprisoned and Admiral Knar took command of the harbor.

Solog later cites the docks as being a "wasteful piece of over-engineering," which indicates that he did not have free license to design as efficiently as he would have liked, and likely had to bow to someone else's direction.

Dungeon Journal

On the northern coast of Gorgrond, the Iron Docks represent the heart of the Iron Horde's naval might. Huge warships and artillery, forged and assembled within the Blackrock Foundry, are readiedfor war within this massive port. The greatest beasts of Draenor are broken and trained alongside elite infantry units, comprising the ground troops that will surge ashore to break the will of any who would dare oppose the Iron Horde.

Quick Facts
  • Level: 93 - 95
  • Required levels: 92, 92
  • Territory: Contested
  • Instance type: Dungeon
  • Heroic mode available (100)
  • Mythic mode available
  • Number of players: 5


  • Fleshrender Nok'gar ¨C This fierce Warsong warleader has risen rapidly through the ranks of the Iron Horde, and now commands a battalion of orcish soldiers. From atop his wolf Dreadfang, he surveys their drilling and preparation as they ready themselves to lead a naval assault on Shattrath.
  • Grimrail Enforcers ¨C The Grimrail Enforcers are elite mercenaries in the employ of the Blackfuse Company, hired to protect the trains that run through Gorgrond. The trio consists of a Burning Blade swordsman, a goblin engineer, and a shaman who is versed in dark blood magic. The sole threads that bind them are greed and zeal for killing.
  • Oshir ¨C Once a savage predator who prowled the Spires of Arak, feared and respected within his pride, the saberon Oshir fell into a Thunderlord snare and was brought to Gorgrond to be broken and trained as an Iron Horde combatant. Not a day passes that Oshir does not dream of tasting his captors' blood.
  • Skulloc ¨C The mighty gronn Skulloc represents one of the great successes of the Iron Horde's subjugation of the giants of Gorgrond. Towering over the Grom'kar forces, and fitted with a pair of cannons that would feel at home on any ironclad warship, Skulloc stands ready to unleash destruction at the behest of his new masters.

Scenario: Gorgrond Finale

  • Stage 1 ¨C Speak with Durotan
    Speak with Durotan.
  • Stage 2 ¨C Get to the Machinehouse
    Escort your group northward, toward the Machinehouse.
  • Stage 3 ¨C Goraluk Anvilcrack
    Slay Goraluk Anvilcrack, High Machinist of the Naval Base.
  • Stage 4 ¨C Get to Supply Depot
    Get to the Supply Depot.
  • Stage 5 ¨C Survive Iron Horde Onslaught
    Survive against waves of Iron Horde orcs. Use explosive barrels against them.
  • Stage 6 ¨C Get to Central Dock
    Get to the Central Dock so you can board the Wavemurder Barge.
  • Stage 7 ¨C Get on the Barge
    Speak with Rokk to get launched onto the Wavemurder Barge.
  • Final Stage ¨C Destroy the Wavemurder Barge
    Destroy the Wavemurder Barge.