WoW Kormrok Mythic Difficulty

On Mythic difficulty, there is one additional mechanic: each time Kormrok leaps into a pool, the resulting Splash creates a corresponding Fiery Residue, Foul Residue, or Shadow Residue. This Residue will persist on the ground until Kormrok is about to leap to the next pool. The only parts of the platform that will remain free of Residue are those areas where players are standing at the time the Splash occurs.

The Residue deals moderate damage to players standing within it, but this can prove to be dangerous or fatal when players are also dealing with another mechanic, particularly Explosive Rune or Pound.

Each time Kormrok leaps to a new pool, players should spread out in the middle of the room to ensure there is a large clear area in which to handle the mechanics.

Additionally, Kormrok's Shadow Energy, Foul Energy, and Explosive Energy buffs now empower the next four casts of his associated abilities, rather than the next two casts.
  • Kormrok uses an empowered ability twice during the 2 minutes after first gaining access to it, and then once in each subsequent Leap "phase"
  • This means that, once the raid has reached the third Leap phase, all abilities will be empowered for the rest of the encounter
  • The order of abilities may differ slightly from what is listed earlier in this guide, since some empowered abilities have longer cooldowns
  • Shadow Energy should still be the third empowerment the raid grants Kormrok, so that you have at least two phases without having to deal with Empowered Fel Outpouring
Note that Kormrok uses his abilities more frequently in Mythic difficulty than he does in Normal/Heroic. When he enters the Enrage portion of the fight, the frequency of his ability use will increase again.